Really like this wind swept tree outside the local church


Pull it a bit further back and then WHOOSH! All of those leaves are catapulted over the fence

I NEED TO REVISE but got distracted by Etsy

i want this a lot.

and this

i might legitimately buy this in the near future, with the diamante bit

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Cracking flush on this toilet, fair play to it tbf.

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There might be a strong theme to my posting this evening.

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Was this dairy induced or just bad luck?

Won’t be dairy, I was in full control of what I ate today. That doesn’t normally make me feel like I’m going to throw up either. Lucky me!

Although this will be a big help for this week’s weigh-in if it keeps up.

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I was about to say that! Siłver linings…

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I kid you not, the solution to this:

led to me having to hook clay out of the plughole with a cotton bud in order to start draining the sink.

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god damn large gif’s

hey culture creators, please detach your heads from the anuses of abstract algorithms and how they predict that audiences want constant sci fi dystopias and semi ironic 80s needledrops

Bedtime for everyone? :disappointed_relieved:


Not yet NY! I’m on a half-day tomorrow and it’s my Friday so I’m going to blast through some soul classics for a while.

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Nice work in there today Funkhouser! I’m going through the playlist now, some absolute gems I haven’t heard in a bit.

Yeah it’s a very good thread. I reckon that if I could only pick one genre to listen to for the rest of time that’d be it.

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