Evening all!

The Child was sent home from nursery because they didn’t believe her cough wasn’t Covid-19 so we’re home nurserying until next week. We’ve been for a drive to the test centre and are currently trying to sort out our workload to accommodate her.

D&D tonight.

Talk amongst yourselves x


Evening, was about to do a blast of an hours work there but WinZip and VPN are being dog doo.

Listening to a pretty good bandcamp radio thing. And discovered this banger (probably quite late to the party)

Trying decide between leftovers or a basic pasta.

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Hello. Going to make this.

Cba at all though.

Had a monumental hangover and walked 5miles and now my brain is a cross between feeling happy and healthy and utterly miserable and sick. Its an odd sensation of the juxtaposition kind

Eating vienetta and singing that to the tune of Fuck the Pain Away “eating vienetta like you wanted me”

Finished my book and cut M’s hair (just a trim I assured her, it is definitely much much more than a trim).


What’s she going to do though? Leave you a bad review on Facebook?


Exactly, SUCKER!

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Oh also found out i accidently booked leave in a way that means I dont have a full week of work until w/c 19th April


Also got a new cookbook with recipes from around the world, one is for vegan chicken hearts, that’s tooooo far, man.

Seventh football club Zoom meeting in the last four weeks tonight.

Largely going to be dominated by the club chairman and a well known former athlete locking horns.

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Spent so much of today flopping about. Whatever, man.

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Evening folks, new job starts on the 6th April so very much enjoying this period between the two by driving all over our Local area trying to find something that I know is at a shop that is just over the boundary.

Going to continue making my LEGO tonight.


Just went for a walk for about an hour and 45 minutes and it’s probably the furthest I’ve walked for years and now I’m tired and achey.

Awaiting a bowl of pasta :drooling_face:


Do you too feel weird wrt walking? (considering how much cycling you do)… I’m always amazed that I can cycle miles and miles and miles but walk me round the block and I’m done fir.

I took the dog for a 90 min walk today and half way round he literally stopped, sat down and gave me a look that suggested “you’re fucking kidding, m8?”


Yep. I get sciatica as well (never get this cycling), and walking aggravates it.

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Alright gang, toddler worked out that she can just… leave her bed when I try to leave her to go to sleep by herself. That’s a shame. She’s been proper charming though. Made a curry with her earlier which I’ll shortly be having for dinner.


woah man that feels a little overboard. but a man’s gotta eat


Dark. But funny. :smiley:

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Did they make it with a ‘bed’ of rice to really nail home the point

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