Enough of this daytime posting, let’s crack on with the after-dark entertainment…

Very very long day at work, but had party food for tea, including these, which might be the best thing I’ve eaten in a long time

Going to watch shit TV and eat chocolates till bedtime.


Hey funky!

Despite high levels of cba I have done quite a lot of work today (in the end) and will continue for a while longer. Going to have pizza for dinner (oven, not takeaway) and finish watching The Holiday.



Packed in work about 15 minutes ago when the CBAs well and truly took over. Think I’ve got some lingering exhaustion from my booster and the general gestures around

Plans this evening include some Skyrim and making my girlfriend a birthday card.

No idea what to eat tonight, so bored of all the usual meals but no energy to try making something new.

Quite sleepy as mr froglet kept waking me up last night as he was having trouble sleeping himself (aches and pains following his booster jab). I hope we both sleep better tonight because it’s my turn tomorrow.

Does anyone want to do the washing up for me?

Today looked like it might be a turd on a turd but turned out the turds were just swirls of Nutella

:white_check_mark: smashed writing / hosting / powerpointing Christmas quiz, Comms director loved it even tho she arrived as I was saying WELL I’M NUDE when reading out anagram round answers. Everyone loved it, especially my fun facts during the answers, and I look stun, Hun. Maybe I’ll make a DiS version of the quiz

:white_check_mark: my banknotes finally arrived!! Including this badass

:white_check_mark: drunk. very drunk. mulled wine.

I was ok about impending post Christmas lockdown but now I’m really sad about it, I’m too sociable to be locked down and in November my friends were shit at meeting up :frowning:


Evening. Ham, leeks and mushroom pie with leftover Boulanger potatoes for tea. Peppermint tea and a shower and bed. 3am wake up call again. Bleugh

been wrapped up in blankets playing video games for about 5 hours, no signs of that changing anytime soon tbh. considering ordering chinese if i can get it dropped to my doorstep but will feel like a right mug hollering out of the window at them. absolutely jonesing for a cuddle, and a cup of tea wouldn’t go amiss either. suppose i should get up.

Holy moly :heart_eyes:


i don’t think that’s a time that people should be waking up imo

hope you’ve got some nice beers lined up for when you finish this stint


New Year’s is gonna be cancelled innit so I’m listening to all the bangers now instead.

Wannabe - Baby Queen
Bunny is a Rider - Caroline Polachek
Something New - Girls Aloud

And obviously Hey Flop from Canada’s Drag Race


Wellington again this evening, with chips and beams today.

Might get me book out.

Looking incredible pervs :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::fire::fire:


Harry Potter and eggnog, feeling well decent.

New projector arrived too! It’s only slightly very noisy …

Mood improved a small notch over the day. So that’s good.

Have made a lasagne for tea and whacked a frozen garlic bread thing in the oven that says don’t defrost on a warm room but over night in the fridge.

What’s the worst that can happen right??

Might have a Bailey’s later

Planning to go visit local pretty town with lots of independent stores tomorrow for a wander.


Just had booster advert inspired spaghetti hoops on toast


Sure fucking hope so

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I was about to message asking if your day improved, glad it did.

Deffo need to organise a DiS gal meet next year as it’s frankly rude we haven’t hung out yet.


Would love that SO MUCH

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That’s 28 beers potentially not being delivered :grimacing:

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Got frozen pizzas in the oven for tea. Not quite at the full on picky tea stage, but we’re definitely heading there looking at this week’s ‘menu’.

Probably end up drinking some more of my Christmas beers later. Already accepted I’m going to have to go and restock later this week.