Alright? Had a long ol’ day so having one of my top 5 comfort meals for tea and a beer or two. Mrs F is giving me a haircut later so that’ll be nice. Anyway, wbu?

What is the meal

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Fried up Spam, waffles and beans


Sad ill toddler draped over me slowly falling asleep. Then I’ll do battle with the outrageously messy house.


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Each to their own funky.

I’m having soup and toast for the third meal in a row. Then an endless chain of terrible tv and Netflix until bedtime

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Are you unwell?

Cut off my hair. Sorry for the delay

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Gonna listen to some grandaddy in the bath cos I’m cool


Are you ready?

Now it’s on!


Gotta wait for an email to come through at work and then disassemble my pc and then pack stuff around it for safety and then pack some other shit and then I’ve got to fly tomorrow which I hate normally and then spend a week in a miserable flat and work during that assuming my pc makes the journey and work is really busy so can’t afford for it not to and Aaaaaaaaaaaaa

I got

My haircut.


Nah but I fancied it yesterday and that left me with a whole loaf of bread and there’s only one of me so I’m using it up


Shepherds pie for dinner. Oh hang on - if it’s beef it’s cottage pie isn’t it. Yeah, that.

Looks like some promo photos I took four years ago might finally get used. I guess lockdown has meant no photo shoots, so old stuff is getting dug out again.

Wah wah wah

I’m not going to win AQOS kindest disser at this rate am I?


I had heinz tomato soup with buttered crusty bread after a kid in the park mentioned wanting it. For some reason it’s never dawned on me that it’s basically the sauce from tinned spaghetti. Was excellent in a disgusting way.


Exactly what I had

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There’s a piece on the One Show just now about people paying to go on boat trips out to moored cruise ships off the south coast. They’re all so excited about it :woman_shrugging:

In the language of your people

Get tae