Alright? What a day. Started off with a brilliant VVVVVIP exlusive brewery tour as documented elsewhere, and then got progressively more and more stressful what with work and moving and all. Now waiting for the Saino’s man to arrive so I can have dinner and then flop around till bedtime. WBU?



Just had a very stressful half an hour trying to paint my toenails bright white whilst sat on a sofa covered in black cat hair.


Ended up working late so in a rotten mood.

  • Mackerel, curry noodles and peas (involves doing washing up first)
  • Takeaway

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Evening all :wave:

To be honest, the rest of the day had a difficult job matching the excitement of actually meeting @Funkhouser :heart_eyes: (see daily thread) but we had a lovely time at the beach

I actually swam in the sea for the first time in maybe 20 years so I must have been in a good mood. Currently thumbing through a new cookbook that was one of my presents.

Going out for Local Italian in a bit.


I wonder simply paint the cat white.


Have taken on the job of a literary review, its paid for 8 hours but i always take forever. Going to try and do 4 hours now and 4 hours in the morning. Also tutoring an 11th grade kid in geography tomorrow, it’s about cultural geography which isn’t too bad

Prawn toast scotch egg :exploding_head:


I’ve never seen such a gulf in personal appeal between the two items listed in that title.


See, I’m not normally a fan of scotch egg, but wrapped in prawn toast? I could get behind that.

The banana ketchup will not be getting made in the CCB kitchen.

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Saw a video online a fortnight ago about how you can make a cat toy out of 6 toilet roll middles sellotaped together into a pyramid shape, and then you put a treat in each middle for them to try and get as fun enrichment.

Anyway lucky for the cat I have weird and very frequent poops, so I’ve got one more roll to go.

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Scotch egg + prawn toast is genuinely making me salivate. Banana ketchup is drying it all back up again.


One of the few things I miss about one of my old pub jobs was the constant access to a deep fryer and sausage meat. Ate an ungodly amount of freshly fried Big Scotches, but my arteries are probably quite pleased.


Am very envious of the meet earlier. Looked amazing.

Tonight I’ll be having nondescript dinner and a beer. Got in from work over an hour ago and I’m still dripping with sweat. It’s a hot one. Booked a haircut for tomorrow. Rock and roll


It’s just a gosh darn popularity contest with you kids

I know I’ve said this before, but I really miss buying out of date boards of scampi fries off the snack man.

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Watching beetlejuice

Crazy film about a crazy guy


So is Batman when you think about it. And Happy Gilmore. Any more? Probably not.

I’ve bought banana ketchup and it tastes nothing like bananas or ketchup or really anything enjoyable imo. It’s not bad, just pointless


I’ve made the tomato chilli jam from Dishoom before, and I think that’d be a better pairing :slight_smile: