Moneve moneve moneve

must be fun eve
what are you up to


got some mince for tea. trying to work out how to sex it up a bit.

peppers should do it

got my rescheduled dentist’s appointment tomorrow and found out this afternoon that my usual dentist has left.

Bit scared that the new one will be a big meanie and be like “ERR LOOK AT YOUR TEETH PAY ME £1000!”

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remember you can always bite them

my teeth?

Tomatoes chilli powder mushrooms kidney beans sour cream guacamole salsa cheese tortilla chips


Maybe just sex it

the dentist(s)

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Shop for dinner.
Cook dinner.
Bit of record label stuff.
Bit of Taskmaster.

will probably just mumble and not schedule any work that’s needed


got got got need need need got need

mmm sexy mince

I’m just going to suffer


Yo GP. i’m not too bad.

did you not go running yesterday? do you not need a rest? I would after any sort of running but terrible at it

that’s what I’ll be saying to myself in roughly one hours time

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Almost fell asleep at the wheel driving home. Had to pull into the services (Sutton Scotney fact fans) for a car kip.

Just shopping for the week and then cooking some tea up.

I went to Tesco earlier and then had some posh pies reduced as they were short dated so I now have to cook them but it’s very hot and can’t I just eat ice for dinner?

Still feeling like utter shite :upside_down_face::upside_down_face::upside_down_face::upside_down_face:

jeez, be careful rich.

Will be!

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lovely hot summer pies