Hi there. Plans?

Sweet FA :expressionless:

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I think I’m going to end up mostly watching TV tonight

I’m about to have chilli cheese chipd made with leftover chilli from Saturday. It’s gonna be next level

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starting my diet properly today, going to be real good and never eat nice food again :slight_smile:

Off tomorrow ain’t I. Going to have pan fried sea bass with wedges and puttanesca sauce. Got some beerz I’m gonna have and I might watch MOTD, or Fargo, who knows.


Let me stop you right there there is nice food that is also good for you see…

Pink lady apples
Vegan curries
Popcorn (air popped)
Sweet potato
As a starter for ten
Oh yeah and all the fishy tastiness like cod and salmon and prawns

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OK maybe I’m stretching that popcorn is good for you but it is delicious

If I didn’t have a headache I’d be writing, but I’m probably just going to sit about and feel sorry for myself for a variety of stupid reasons that are both petty and enormous (in my head) Woo!

After 2 nights of all inc buffet, I think we’re going to have to see what else is available round these parts.

  • Try something local
  • Get something that sounds nice
  • Pizza is as pizza does
  • They got mackerel in the west African Atlantic?

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not long up from that there london to see ma wee bro, his good lady and my brand new niece. she’s so small and cute :heart_eyes::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
bit of work to do than make something to eat and find a film to watch later. busy week ahead.


no such thing as fishy tastiness I’m afraid

Can’t find that non-dairy Ben and Jerry’s cookie dough ice cream anywhere so I’ve started researching ice cream makers. Definitely feeling a bit


I’m feeling poor as one job’s reduced my hours to just £80 a week’s worth (I have another but still) and for some reason my gas meter’s giving out about some phantom debt that entitles it to swallow everything.
Undoubtedly a comedown but I’m feeling a bit emotional/defeatist about everything. Might buy a cauliflower to cement that fact.

Feeling like a packet of super noodles.

Do i give in?

Obv I’m going to give in

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Bon soir!

Just polished off jacket potato with cheese and beans for early tea. Might have a white chocolate cookie magnum later. No big plans for tonight, other than putting the bins out. Need to try and get a team together for the pub quiz on Wednesday.

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On my way to work. Not ideal as I also have an important meeting at 10 am tomorrow, but what can you do.

Had that photo shoot today and ended up with several pictures that I liked of myself! Incredible.


My dad always creates new WhatsApp groups
Just checked and I’m in three called ‘boys’ which is me, my brother and dad and one called ‘kids’ which is also my sister.
I think he just thinks it’s his name for the group


(Kinda) same

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going to get some chips and start a new computer game with my flatmate (was vaguely thinking of going to a gig but I cba and don’t have a card so couldn’t book it anyway)

was reading part of the terrible things posted on social media thread I hadn’t read, absolutely done by theo’s defence of masturbating to politician’s autobiographies