Wuu2? Tell me

alright mush?

I’m going to buy some booze from the coop but I can’t decide what I want

Rose wine

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The co-op’s own rose is one of my faves.

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Hello. Please select tea in casa tunes

  • Burgers
  • Quesedillas (leftover chilli)

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You know I’ve never had this before

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Walking home in the drizzle listening to Madi Diaz and feeling glum. Sausages eggs, chips and beans for tea.

@Scout thanks for the Alice Mac Print recommendation. Got this for my wife after she seemed impressed with her work


Alrighty mushty

mushty bunyan


alright I’ll go

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thanks everyone, burgers it is

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Nice surprise waiting on the porch for me from tuna just now. That sounds like he did a poo on my porch. Can neither confirm nor deny.

Still not done my workout. Seems unlikely to happen now, doesn’t it.

Not very hungry but got some fishcakes that need using.

Got to tidy up the flat and change the bedding and all that, then shower and wash and do my hair. Why is being alive so demanding :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:



I’ve been dropping some big hints to the TV but he doesn’t do Xmas presents :tired_face:

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Ah man :sob:. I’d be getting you one if you were my TV, they’re amazing pieces…

Really struggled this year, but she loves a linocut. Hoping this and a gluggle jug is enough

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I mean surely the fact you’ve bought a print from her means she could at least rig the competition so I win? If she’s any sort of decent human being she will commit this minor fraud.

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Got a minor issue with my car hopefully sorted so hopefully I can get to my booster jab appointment OK on Sunday with no car trouble.

Annoyingly my boyfriend has been able to get an appointment on the same day as mine for a vaccination centre just over a mile away whereas I could only get one 10 miles away in Slough. Tried to rebook but it’s only showing me other locations in Slough.

Might have a bath as I’ve had to go outside a few times today and got cold and a bit rained on.

I’ve got the oven on - cheese toastie with some chips on the side for tea

Got a couple of beers I didn’t drink last night, plus 2 bars of chocolate and it’s D&D night

Just noticed this bum on my PJ trousers and now I can’t stop looking at it

That’s my evening sorted


That’s his knees


great idea!

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