Money, Business, Post?

How the fuck are people making money on shit like this? Materials, manufacturing, logistics, overheads and finally posting it to me?

Literal slave labour

That’s like when I had to buy a packet of radiator keys (about 5). Why would I need 5?

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maybe they’re not in it for the money?


But even if you factor out the horrible shit, a second class stamp costs more than that.

Radiator keys are in the top ten lost items in the UK along with the odd keys for gas meter boxes.

deflated footballs are quite troubling. So much better and comforting when they are completely full

Let’s keep kids active by ensuring fully pumped balls!

Probably dumping in loss leaders so they’ve got some legitimate goods to cover the naughties on the same boats?

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We’ve gotten around the issue of losing meter cupboard keys by having meter cupboards with locks that don’t actually work.

gas installer gave me a free key!
I mean he overlooked that the flue from the boiler was installed dangerously, but you can’t run a man down that gives you a free gas box key

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Why are they locked if the keys are universal?

Fuck I have just blown this case wide open!



If you have 5 radiators and want to bleed them all at once/


Why do gas meter boxes have a lock on them which requires a key which happens to be universal to open them? What is the point of them being locked? Would a latch not suffice.

What if everyone had the same front door key and lock? Would there be any point in that? Would a latch not suffice.

As previously mentioned I feel as though I have blown this case wide open and may be staring into the abyss.

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You wanna be careful saying these sorts of things, I wouldn’t be surprised if the CIA were on their way to your gaff

I have a non-universal lock so will be ok.

Might fit my own to the gas meter box.

I think the gas meter lock is because science has proven that people instinctually want to kick the shit out of gas meters, but when they think about it for a few minutes, they realise it’s a bad idea. If there was just a latch, it’d be like pop & BOSH, but with the need for a key which is on-average the most lost item in the UK, then by the time they’ve got the key, their anger has dissipated somewhat.

*in the top ten most lost items