Money found in clothes you haven't worn in ages (rolling)

Just found £3.01 in a pair of jeans. Not bad at all.


Finding money on clothes you haven’t worn in ages will never not be a great thing.
Think I could be a multi billionaire but still if I pulled on a pair of jeans I hadn’t worn in months and found a fiver I’d be like ‘yaaaaasssss’


Found 2x£5 notes in the pocket of a pair of shorts recently.


Found an old fiver. I defaced this now useless note and then was told that I could’ve just taken it to the bank.

But I don’t care because the Queen looks like a Beatle now

Found my debit card in my dressing gown earlier and there’s at least £7.42 in my account.

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Never happened to me

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There’s something seedy about that story, I would not like any more details.


found £20 in an old pair of jeans

at the exact same time found out I was too fat to fit in them so ended up £60 down


My driving licence was in there too…

For me nothing will ever quite match up to the time 10 year old McGarnagle found a whole, untouched, miraculously in-date net of chocolate coins in my Christmas stocking from the previous year.

That was the true meaning of Christmas, right there.

Found a pound coin under a bookcase I was moving the other week :blush:

… about a fortnight after they’d gone out of circulation :sob:

I’ve probably got the record amount: £150.

I’d obviously been paid in cash for DJing, dumped my records in the pub cellar afterwards and stayed in with the owner and staff for a lock in that went on way too long.

Got home, shucked off my clothes and collapsed in a stupor. Didn’t put on that jacket on again for maybe six months or more due to the seasons changing.