Money laundering 💵 🧼

Have you ever?

I have a few times. Mostly by accident though.

Apparently mattress shops and American candy stores are huge money laundering operations.

Yeah I saw that video this morning too. Madness.


Always find it really gratifying when somewhere I suspect to be a front gets shut down for money laundering.

99% sure that the beauty salon at the end of my old road in Sheffield was a money laundering front

Well you wouldn’t want it all creased would you?


Money lending more like! I’m a regular over here!


what video is this?

My step-sister’s wedding speech if you know what I mean :wink:

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TikTok video about how a lot of American candy shops are a front for Afghan heroin money.

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Zeedan off Corra got roped into doing it by the guy who played the grandad in the Kumars at Number 42 until he had a heart ache on the living room floor. I wouldn’t be very good at it

There’s a takeaway in Fallowfield which has been open since I moved here, it rarely has anyone in, is surrounded by other better ones yet still is open. Very suspect

DM me x

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Ah, not on TikTok book

Manchester Curry mile restaurants and jewelry shops have always been assumed to be fronts.

First place I worked for had some cheeky money laundering on the go but I didn’t find out about it until after I left


Surprised at this. Right up your street.

You can tell because most of the old tourist tat shops in the West End have been replaced with American Candy ones.

Looking forward to seeing what they all turn into in a couple of years time.


My beloved hometown

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That’s exactly what the video said! Often handbag shops too iirc.

you just watched the autotune tiktok too didn’t you

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I’ve also heard that the social board is rife with it