Money Plane (2020)

Starring Denise Richards as Denise Richards, Edge as Andy Carroll and Frasier as Old Frasier

  • So bad it’s good
  • So good it’s bad

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Is this a plane made out of bank notes?

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There’s only one way to find out and that’s to watch it and report back.

Possible. I’ll be disappointed if the planes not made out of fivers Easy Jet style though.

Is that Andy Carroll?

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So bad it’s bad.

The problem here is it doesn’t seem to have an actual star, with the names relegated to bit parts. Without someone with actual charisma I can’t see it running

Is that @ma0sm?



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Big fan of Explosive Casino Heists In The Sky

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Never realised how edge vaguely looks like maosm and Andy Carroll despite the two of them looking nothing alike. Good call

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Honestly thought it was someone’s comedy 'shop job and was trying to work out who else’s face was on there.

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Is this produced by the WWE?

I must admit I was dubious about the potential merits of the film Money Plane until I saw that clip. I enjoyed watching Frasier swear like a sailor at a confused looking wrestler in a suit.


Pretty sure you couldnt just hold a sub machine (? Idk) gun like that at arms length and fire and walk. Boy I hope someone got fired for that blunder.

snakes on a money plane


Who is the I assume evil Russian in the red at the bottom?

How many times do you think they say Money Plane in the film Money Plane

Also where will I be able to watch this

How is this not a WWE Studios production?

how do you bet on a dude fucking an alligator?

what is the wager? you stick a guy next to an alligator and just wait to see if he fucks it?

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