The world does not have enough mongoose chat.

Here are 31 mongoose facts:

Anyone got any mongoose anecdotes?

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I had a Mongoose BMX as a kid


Why is the plural of mongoose not mongeese?

Edit: see q2 - I am a fool

Will never get played again though because this newer card is basically always better:

quite aggressive aren’t they. suppose they need to be though

Came in for some BMX chat. Were a stylish bike tbh tbf - maybe not quite as popular as the Raleigh Burner range though?

Looks like the brand still exists for BMX today :+1:

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My son has a Mongoose balance bike in a BMX style. It’s rad.

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’ The plural of mongoose can be either mongooses or mongeese. “Mongooses” is definitely more common than “mongeese,” but both are ok.’

Nice, that they allow us to choose at our own discretion.

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that’s looks smart - I don’t think mine was every any good so I stuck to skateboards


They do seem like a spunky bunch.

’ In fact, historically “mongoose” was spelled and pronounced “mungus,” but the “gus” was replaced with “goose” because it sounded more familiar to English speakers ( a practice called folk-etymology ). It has also been spelled “mungoose.”’

love all the ‘is x a mongoose?’ facts

“is a meerkat a mongoose?” “no”
“is a ferret a mongoose” “no”
“is a weasel a mongoose” “no”

FACT: a cat is not a mongoose

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FACT: @Kallgeese is not mongeese…


Don’t they fight and beat cobras?

Rikki Tiki Tava - i remember reading at school