Alright? Off to work shortly, 2 days to go before 9 off. Wonder which britpop icon I’ll meet today. Nice and sunny here at least. What about you though, eh? Eh?

Morning funky.

As punishment for having, and boasting about, a good night’s sleep in yesterday’s thread I of course had next to no sleep last night.

My flat smells weird, like bratwurst.




Good morning. One day I’ll wake up having not slept funny. Today ain’t that day

Looks beautiful outside!

Tiny human alarm clock went off not long after four. They are also being very bad with letting me help brush their teeth recently so that has become distressing for both of us. Pretty spent already.

Want so badly to be able to have a nice, refreshing day out to myself. Not seeing that being able to happen until next year at least though :cry:

Morning Funky, Scout, Tuna, FL, and others!

I’m having some coffee right now, then a bite to eat before heading up to tye stables to see what’s going on. I’m in training this week and bits of next, so mainly watching what others are doing and helping out while I can. It’s meant to be about 25 degrees here all week which is a bit much imho.

Hope everyone makes it through their Mondays ok!


In quite a good mood, y’know


Greetings from Hoogy HQ

I’ll be here all day, every day



One of my local cafes, bike wankers’ paradise Look Mum No Hands, has reopened for takeaway only. Planning to visit this morning.

Coffee and a pastry, probably


Happy birthday @guntrip!!!


HB @guntrip. Absolute GBOL.


Is this pandemic thing still on? It is? Better “go” to “work” then…

:wave: morning

been for a run, had a coffee. time for toast.

flora and marmite :slight_smile:

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Morning and happy Monday all :upside_down_face: My eyebrows have reached peak lockdown, they are officially re-wilding :deciduous_tree:

My shoulder is feeling it after excessive frisbee-ing yesterday, feel like I’ve been doing loads of one-armed push ups.


im glad you approve. what you having/had for breakfast?

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Morning all. I have nothing of interest to say or do today. Need to water my 24 tomato plants later and that’s about it. Town seems less busy this morning than it was last week even with the Arndale reopening. Reckon there is massive cba with the thought of going to a shop least the commute should still be quick :+1:

any minute now I am going to start work. Any. Minute. Now.

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Thinking of taking a 4 day weekend, so will have to start ActuallyDoingShit if that’s a goal I can achieve

But first, coffee and pancake

Honestly think I spend the first few hours of the week just remembering what my job is.