Ooh nice, will try. Thanks for your canary work

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Morning all, it’s very pleasant here today. I have a bunch of work to do, which is nice because yay getting paid but also boo because I’m not really used to having so much right now. Goals include taking out the bins later and helping @AQOS get that places thread to 1500 posts

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Got a bright red face after being in the sun yesterday.



Embarrassing headline was it?



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Good morning @Funkhouser, good morning Scout, Tuna, Flashing, WR, Jordan, Hoogy, Kermit, Joke, Sexybum, Matt, Laika, Roughyed, Jagz, Shiggsy, Laelfy, good morning DiS and welcome to Scam Aware Fortnight! Many happy returns of the day to @guntrip from the Boards, Mohamed Salah from the Goals, Nadina Coyle from the Flour, Courtney Cox from the Friends, and Neil Patrick Harris from blaming it on the Doogie. Can’t go without wishing a very happy anniversary today to the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, and to Spanish democracy. Salutations to those among us who are celebrating National Beer Day, or maybe Global Wind Day, or maybe even both at the same time. I’m off for a few tins of sludge and baked beans. What a time to be alive!


on a Monday! :sob:


Morning all

(It’s always a bit sad to post after twentynine and miss out on a mention).

Went out first things to do my fortnightly food shop. Managed to add a frisson of excitement/danger by being in mild need of a poo when I set off, and in urgent need of a poo by the time I reached the checkouts. By the time I’d packed my shopping, swiped my Clubcard and credit card, said a hurried ‘thank you’ to the cashier and made my way to the toilets, I think I was probably a 9.7 on the Epimer scale.


Am also in the slept fucking terribly club.


Me too…

Feel this so hard.

Morning dis. Happy birthday absolute ledge @guntrip.

It’s absolutely gorgeous here. I’ve got a strappy vest on, which is MOST unlike me.

I had a shower this morning, my house is relatively tidy, and it kinda feels like I’m on holiday? Does anyone else ever get that feeling?

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I’ve got a video interview today and no idea what to expect apart from “competency questions”. Not sure if they will be math-based or more like “tell me when you had a difficult situation to solve”.

Stayed up until gone 2am watching Succession sipping on gin.
Working later but it’s cool because I don’t start until 11pm and finish at 8am the next morning so that’s a terrific result.

Going to go for a nice walk around the woods and then buy some bread and some fancy bacon from the deli so I can make a BLT when I get back.

Looking forward to a perfectly peaceful, refreshing and uninterrupted nap this afternoon


Morning all.

Feel really foggy this morning. I suspect it’s a hay fever and anti histamines thing.

Need to read and write some things for work, but struggling a bit with getting anything straight.

no, my house is very rarely tidy


Morning everyone. Didn’t sleep for more than an hour for some reason? Feel like hot dog shit.

Also this time last year I was in Italy playing drums for Art Brut and today I am quite excited about getting to leave the house to go to the post office. Life comes at you hard.

Off today :sunglasses: gonna go for a decent walk with a packed lunch then make some fuckin music. Guitar pedals should be here today also :grin:

Reckon these things are related?


Have a look at the person specification and job description. Those are the competencies they’re interested in.

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