Monopoly Themes

They make themed Monopoly for any fucking thing don’t they?

Amazing marketing on whoever came up with themed Monopoly.

Have you ever received one? Did you even unwrap it or send it straight to the chazza shazza?

Look at this pile of shit:

Dale Earnhardt Collector’s Edition
Dale Earnhardt Legacy Edition

Who the fuck even is Dale Earnhardt?

I’ve got the World Cup '98 edition (World Cup!)

Play it much?

Novelty wears off after 10 minutes when it becomes clear you’re just playing monopoly and monopoly is shit and boring


Not really.

Monopoly is fucking shit. Shit game for twats.


I was on a date once and we were in the National Museum, Cardiff. As we left and walked past the gift shop window, Gareth, for that was his name pointed at a Cardiff version of Monopoly and we had a brief chat about it. Then came his immortal yet innocent comment, “a London version would be pretty good”. That was our last date.

Dale Earnhardt is NASCAR isn’t he? Think there’s a Jr version of him too.


Yeah it’s no [name of penoid board game]

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Does anyone have a monopoly strategy? Mine is to buy any property I land on where possible, then basically let the game play out until finished. NEVER get involved with trades or anything like that with other players. Ideally you shouldn’t even speak to them.

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Would you prefer to play Monopoly

  • Dale Earnhardt Collector’s Edition
  • Dale Earnhardt Legacy Edition

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Netrun the Gathering?

Monopoly - minor ailments edition. Featuring all your favourite ailments such a Mouth Ulcer and Burnt Finger

whatever gets the whole shitshow over as quickly as possible

Oohhh a Chance card!

‘Advance to Itchy Anus’

Oohh nooo that’s one of Dad’s properties :frowning:


Monopoly: Monopoly Theme Edition. Where every space you land on is a themed version of Monopoly and if you win that, you can purchase that property.

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Directed by Christopher Nolan

My sister went through a long spell of collecting Monopoly sets in the late 90s.



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sean should licence a DiS one

Old Cunt Road (Balonz)