Monopsony Monday - a thread

Monopsony is a market situation in which the product or service of several sellers is sought by only one buyer.

This is the daily thread. Help yourself.

Greetings from Hoogy HQ

I’ll be here all day, every day


Good morning! I have this hamster called Oreo for a few days, she is very timid and last night I had already given her some apple to cheer her up, so upon reading that they like classical music, i tried to hum the tune of fur elise and idk if she just wanted to know what the noise was about but she left her house to sit near me for a while :sob::heart: and came out a bit today and didn’t bite me like on day 1. I love her so much already, this is why I shouldn’t petsit lol, ill miss her a lot :sob:


Day off. Gonna drink coffee.


Looking at kid photos is lovely and kind of emotional/bittersweet innit. My mum went through loads of pictures and I’m just the most adorable, happy little kid (and also a genuine style icon). I want to be that person again.

Anyways today is the first day of Mental Health Awareness Week and my work is really well respected for its work on mental health/wellbeing in the sector plus it’s a priority for me personally so we are doing a week of dedicated coverage that I’ve spearheaded and been working towards for the last two months. Really big deal for me. Will find a way to link stuff indirectly later in the week.


I’m adopting a pair of kittens today (12 or 13 weeks old) they should be here around 12ish. I started work at 7:30 and I’m taking a half day so I can spend lots of time with them this afternoon without worrying about working

They were born in the wild to a stray, so they are going to needs lots of love and attention. The fosterer has acclimatised them to human contact, but they will still need a bit of work.



Another not very manic Monday

Mildly hungover after some low key afternoon drinking yesterday. Just gonna get through work and stare at the wall till D&D this eve

had a brioche bun for breakfast

that’s it. just the bun.

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Can’t be arsed. Didn’t get to sleep til the back of 3 and somehow still woke up before my alarm.


Just taken the dog for a good boy birthday walk.

Going to try and mow the back lawn before the rain comes. Do a bit of hoovering around the house and relax.


I will never understand the way of the Japes



also this is a very barley post


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Couldn’t face work. Pulled sickie.


Knackered and cbf

actually did stuff at the weekend, now very tired. Gonna be lowkey productive today, maybe buy some new bourbon, start a new book, finalise last holiday details

fried chicken for dinner though, roll on 8pm :ok_hand:

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Terrible nights sleep as is becoming traditional for a Sunday. Really fractured sleep with weird anxious dreams from about 4am where it feels like I’ve drifted off for a bit and then I check my phone and it’s about 2 minutes after I last checked it (then repeat about 30 times until I have to get up).


been up since 6:30 this morning, did 4 loads of washing and received delivery of a piano, all before 9am

I fear my week may have peaked to early though as I have only managed 3 emails since then

just a 2 and a half day week this week though, result!