Monster Hunter Rise and shine it's time to hunt some monsters thread

Hello. This is a game about hunting monsters and… rising?

It has multiplayer.

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Looking forward to making some clothes out of monster parts later.

As much fun as pole vaulting with the insect glaive was in the previous MH game I played was, I think I’m going to try out the hunting horn, for its weirdness.

I played the harp/guitar player in the demo. Well into it.

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Apparently going to check your postbox every 20 minutes doesn’t actually make things arrive faster

Couldn’t hurt though, eh

I look forward to joining this thread a year from now when it comes out on PC.

Thankfully I’ve still got loads to do on World so I feel no jealousy at all. None. No sir. Not me. Happy as Larry to be a year behind. It’s great. So happy.

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Anyone know if it’s worth waiting until the end of next month to get this, or will this update not change too much of the single-player game?

Can’t promise we won’t have hunted all the monsters by then. Sorry.


Laugh it up chief, you won’t be making jokes when I’ve got a bunch of extra graphical options I have to faff around with for an hour to just make it look half way decent and some shit exclusive armour I’ll never use.

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Played the tuition mission in the demo last night.

What’s the fastest weapon? Sword bro felt so slow.

Insect glaive is pretty fast… but takes a bit of time to get used to (you have an insect as part of it than you can aim to fly at different parts of the monster and then come back and buff you up).

Tried the dual blades on the demo, and they were pretty nippy.

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Oooh free tat


Played half an hour at lunch… which was all spent adjusting my hunter’s face (and the animal companions). Blatantly going to stick a helmet on in the next 5 minutes and never see it again.


It’s here! I have a two hour meeting I don’t need to pay any attention to!

sets status to busy

Making them look like my favourite neighbourhood pets (N.B. not my pets)

  • Bit weird m8
  • Bit weird but do it anyway

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Do it, but name them after the neighbourhood pets’ owners.

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Damn there is a lot going on isn’t there. A LOT

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Might be imagining things but I feel like it’s running much smoother in handheld than the demo did.

It looks brilliant in handheld. Blown up on the big screen you can see it’s faults a fair bit more.

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