Monster Hunter Rise and shine it's time to hunt some monsters thread

Insect Glaive seems fantastic on first sortie, but not quite getting my head around sending out the kinsects yet. Love that aerial combat though.

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It’s really fun bouncing around in the air! And using it to get around with outside of combat too.

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Is it a hub quest? I’m picking at the level 6 village quests and slowly working through the hub ones. Did level 4 rampage this morning. Tried it on my own at first… nearly got through it until the apex monster. Then did it with strangers. That was really fun. Now everyone in the village wants to talk to me.

Yeah, level 7 hub quest.

I did the Rampages with strangers, cba with them.

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What on earth am I actually supposed to spend my money and points on. I’m so rich.

Points are basically infinite, but money gets tight as you get further in. You’ll have a 36k and a 24k item to buy, and gear crafting costs skyrocket later on.

Or invest it all in GME

Also is there any point in using my armor spheres? Feel like better gear comes up sp quickly that it supercedes your upgrades

Save them until at least 5* hub quests, you’re absolutely right.

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OK i’m trying to get in to the spirit of things so am going to capture a Rathian to build the fire resistant armour I need for a firey monster in the lava area

Fwiw I didn’t bother with any resistance sets. There’s dango options at some point for elemental resistances but even that didn’t tell necessary until near the end.

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I’m trying the (not gun) lance and it’s weirdly fun. It looks really boring and even written down it looks it, but it’s actually interesting.

It’s really mobile but in a completely different way to Insect Glaive. It’s like micro-positioning with little dodges and backsteps and adjustments, with the end result being that you’re glued to the monster weakspot for an entire fight. You’re not doing big flashy three figure smashes, but you’re doing modest two figure pokes absolutely incessantly.

Wahey, free potions.

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What are yous doing with the huge amount of unused monster parts you have?

Hold onto them, you’ll be thankful for them later.

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You use them to turn into talismans, which have semi-random skills on them, so if you want the best one for your build you need to throw a lot of junk into the slot machine.

Oh hey the credits

Insect Glaive is too much fun and maybe a little OP, gonna be hard to not just main it now

I’m finding Bow a lot more enjoyable in multiplayer, because you just Legolas about the place while the screen lights up. Can imagine the other two ranged weapons being similar.

Now got my armour sets finished for Sword and Shield (still bae) and Lance. Doing Bow now, then I think I’ll try being a hammer bro. Or maybe Charge Blade.

Just did first 6* hub quest. Seems to be the point my armour is meaningless for me. Didn’t faint, but had to spend every 5 seconds healing. Time to visit the blacksmith.