Montag Mittagessen Diskussion


got packed lunch:

slice of lentil pie
cherry yoghurt
prawn cocktails crisps
tunnock’s caramel wafer


Small americano and crippling regret


dunno yet


Lentil pie - how’s that working out for you? I am often found asserting that (savoury) pastry without meat is never as good as pastry with meat. I’m not one of those ridiculous anti-veggie people at all, but I think I’m onto something with this one. Had a truly delicious cheese and leek pie at my inlaws recently, but it definitely would have been nicer if it had chicken and/or bacon in it.


want an omelette


Lentil pie is my go to recipe when cooking for veggies, but I’ll shove some lardons or chopped chorizo if I’m just making it for me and my GF. It’s a good’un. Basically cook up soffrito (with extra red pepper), add lentils and stock and cook it down to a thick mix. Add in a load of coriander and a bit of fresh chilli, put it between two sheets of puff pastry, crimp & egg wash. It’s very good and simple and cheap

Favourite things to do with Lentils?

Two of these:

With chicken tikka on.

Bag of sour cream Sunbites and a cookies and cream KitKat.


Got some of these in the freezer to eat up. Think I’ve got some ebly wheat too somewhere (why don’t they sell it in the UK any more?):


Large salad from cafe at work
Lidl “nuts and choco” (basically a Snickers)

Should I round this off with tea or coffee or water?


I’d go a water with that, save some hot drink action for this afternoon


already got one scheduled in for 3pm


Tuna mayo jacket potato. Beetroot. Fruit.

The “Chinese pork chop” looked minging.


Soup and bread.

Going to Meatliquor for dinner though, meat costs a bomb in Switzerland so I haven’t had a burger since November


Farfelle with red onions, red and yellow peppers, cherry tomatoes, rocket and mozzarella


One sachet of Uncle Ben’s Mexican Rice
Half a tin of Old El Paso refried beans
Strong cheddar grated on top.