3 day week for me this week.

Portsmouth are gonna do ya, you farkin mug

*Not a Portsmouth fan

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Meetings meeting meetings. Sigh.

REALLY need to knuckle down the uni stuff too.

Would be good if I had some chocolate to power me through today.

This has happened to me and you have all of my sympathy and positive thoughts.

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The other week ol’ ma Dr Epimer got fully prepped for eye surgery and was sat outside the operating theatre waiting to go in when the surgeon came out and said I’m dreadfully sorry but we don’t have a piece of equipment we need for this so we’ll need to reschedule, ok bye

Oh no, I think it happened to maybe… @xylo too?

If they tell me I’ve self isolated for 3 days for no reason I might break something.

Two weeks for her!

Hope it gets sorted, got my fingers, toes and eyes crossed for you

Early Limp Bizkit lyrics etc

Hope it gets sorted!



Adam Buxton is reading through this proper pretentious American guy’s awful daily routine and my day is starting with a vague enraged nausea

The new updated security policy at work means that I can’t change my password remotely, so I’m going to have to drive 35 minutes to sit in the car park, connect to the wifi, reset the password, then drive home again. So that’s good.


Cryo chamber?

Dr Mrs Epimer is a genius. She pointed out that I just need to connect to my work wifi, not my office wifi, and ridiculously we’ve got a site round the corner from my house. So I can go to that car park and connect to the wifi from there instead of doing my full 35 minute drive.

I knew there was a reason I tolerate living with her!


Got a pizza crunch hangover

Did a pre-work bike. Got a torrent of abuse for, I don’t know, just being on a bike from a bloke driving a white van. Normally it doesn’t bother me but when I stopped at the next set of lights I was proper shaking.

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Think it bears repeating just how lucky she is to have you


Morning. Been gym. Now got to drive to Edinburgh for a pointless meeting, then drive to Manchester. Fun times.

Great, kiddo has scrawled all over a white wall in pencil. Faff

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The idea of him jogging to an audiobook about Nazi history was very funny.

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