Montangst Moaning Thread

Don’t be all coupley at the train station this early in the morning ffs. Come on


Bought a new sofa yesterday and nearly went for a ‘cuddler’ which is like a big armchair for two people to snog in


wouldn’t mind a snog at 8am tbh


Morning manches and etc,

Raffle prize reveal starting soon :tada:

I have a cold.

Edit: I should add that if anyone has any oate prize ideas, you can still submit them up until noon today. We have 48 prizes at the moment, would be cool to make it 50!


GWSFL GBOR (raffle)


Not in the mood guys

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Morning all

Decemberists were a lot of fun last night. @Twinkletoes I thought of you as they played June Hymn. We got in at about 12.45am which is far, far too late for a Sunday night.

Thankfully I’m WFH today.


Bet they’re coupley when it’s really too hot to want to be touched too, and at gigs @manches

Running late for work and the bus was late too so it’s a great start so far. Listening to the Kozelek soundtrack from the music boards, not sure if the go getter soundtrack needed to kickstart a Monday.

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My Monday go getter soundtrack is I Don’t Like Shit, I Don’t Go Outside


got a case of the Mondays?

  • fuck off
  • brb, just going to twirl away while smiling about the promise of a new week

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I actually like Mondays the best and feel really motivated (might stem from working weekends most of my working life), the other days are the problem.

I reckon they’re saving that one for when the TV and I finally make it to a gig together

Just landed in Amsterdam as I’m spending the week in Antwerp. Was up this morning at 4:40 :weary:

Still on a vindaloo high.


Aw! It was the best fun I’ve had at a gig for a while - I’d not seen them live since 2007. Setlist here - quite a few off the new album but some of my favourites (Eli The Barrow Boy, The Crane Wife 1&2, etc). And a giant inflatable whale, of course.

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Up about 90mins earlier than normal. Still running late :joy:
It’s an art

Ah you got the kind of setlist that convinced me I should sack off dinner with the friends we had staying to go see them :grinning:

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Definitely too early: instead of turning the water off in my morning shower I instead turned the heat up to maximum. Effective, mind

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Trying to make breakfast but it’s hard when you’re being very closely monitored…


We All Die Young is an absolute stinker, but the rest was lovely. Actually thought that Severed (the song not the DiSer) was pretty strong live. Not a patch on the early stuff, which was incredible (California One / Youth and Beauty Brigade to start :heart_eyes:)

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