📆 Monthly Music Chat: September 2023 📆

Bit late, but here we go

I am ridiculously excited about this Friday, there is A LOT coming out that i’ve been looking forward to. Off the top of my head, we’ve got Yussef Dayes, James Blake, Gaika, Alabaster DePlume, Olivia Rodrigo, Bastian Keb and Irreversible Entanglement. Probably more as well that i’ve forgotten.

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Worth sharing here - there’s a US band called System Exclusive who I quite like and have just started a massive UK tour - around 20 dates. Also played End of the Road.

They used to be on Castleface (John Dwyer from Osees’ label) but they’re more synths than long guitar jams. Their latest release came out on Mt St Mtn, who put put the recent Cindy record in the US. These are both on Spotify and Apple Music etc.

Just felt it was worth sharing cos (a) they’re pretty fun, and (b it’s such a huge tour they’re playing places not even a lot of touring UK bands go to, and there might be people here in some of those places!

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Cocktail menu at dinner tonight.


Feels so nice to shuffle that Spotify loved tracks playlist. :smiling_face:

I have two, a actual loved tracks one and a playlist where I click the love heart cause its a song I like off a band I want to hear more of - always in the aim to go back to listen through which never happens. Done it for like 2 years and its up to 900 or so

That’s a good idea for single tracks to check out.

I just love it when I’m trying to have a nice walk in the morning but my Bluetooth headphones died overnight.

Having a early 90’s electronica kinda day. Meat Beat Manifesto and Fila Brazililia’s debuts so far.

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Which MBM? Just mentioned Satyricon in the one-word albums thread.

Just their debut so far. Making my way through in order. Liked what i’ve heard so far. Been a busy work day though, so haven’t been able to take it in as much as i’d liked to have.

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They’re playing Milton Keynes when I’m actually there…wild will probably go check them out.

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Good little interview

I interviewed them earlier this evening for my radio show. Lovely guys. They’ve basically been on tour since February and will be until November. They’re married (which I didn’t know) and they said that after Covid they just decided to quit their jobs and go for it, just the two of them on tour forever. Good for them. Back out in a bit to catch them play!

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I know it’s new music Friday and all, but It’s a Hall & Oates kinda morning. My bangers playlist, which is essentially just their best of, had to be first up today.

Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith made a ringtone for iOS 17