Monty Don: One of the few good British celebrities left




Good dogs, indifferent to the human


When will we see





I spent far too much time in the 90s (mainly as a student) watching This Morning With Richard and Judy

Monty was core to the GBOLALs that featured regularly on the show then

Also good

Nigella (don’t think she actually ever did cooking stuff, more fashion and lifestyle)

The agony aunt lady

the nice doctor man

the DIY/ home improvement women

Lets not talk about Fred the Weatherman. Bad Apple


I do like Monty I really do…He is the gardens Kevin and that is all good.

But then sometimes I just get annoyed with posh people and their idyllic lives

Probably says more about me than them though


what is his stone cottage more thatched than yours?


oooooooooooh SHIT


(i say this as a man with a garden in kent, i hope that didn’t come off as too xylo)


monty dong


Minty* Dong


I’ll thatch you in a minute!!!


Shhh you’ll wake Theo up.


:smiley: Aga? I hardly know er!


under his (milky) eye


i bought my mum a monty don book for her last birthday, got served at the till by an attrative™ who told me what a great book it was then started trying to chat to me about gardening. i obviously didn’t admit the book was for my mum but instead scrambled about for any kind of gardening chat that might be lurking deep inside my brain somewhere. nope. remember coming out with “yeah i love… plants” shortly before abandoning ship.


You have a second garden?


Nigel Slater seems nice in that uncle who just wants the best for you kind of way.


well, what more is there to say about gardening really? :woman_shrugging:


you come walk around eltham for 10 minutes and tell me if it’s in london or kent. i WISH your answer would be london