Monvenad (Monday evening thread)



I don’t have much to say but I am interested in hearing from YOU, that’s right, you reading this right now.



I have literally nothing of value to say, FL. Our wedding photos came back today but there are 1,100 (eleven-hundreds) so we are a bit daunted and have sacked off looking at them til tomorrow so we can watch old episodes of Harry Enfield and Chums tonight


Hey FL

Just got an email from someone I used to be friends with in Vienna. Not sure whether to reply or not. It’s kind of unnerved me and brought up a lot of not very nice emotions about my last months in the city.

Falafel and salad for tea, showered already, gonna watch a film in bed.



Had a burrito. Watched cricket highlights.

Gonna make a cup of tea and crack on with Little Women.


Hey fl! Its a holy day in Islam so I’m fasting today, 18 hours straight no water or food and my greedy self is suffering lol


Hang in there JB


Ty! 19 minutes left :tada:


do you get to binge on loads of nice stuff afterwards?


Nothing much to report.

About to finally book some flights for a holibobs. Think they might have increased in price tho.


Also I might go to Romania next week.


What you munching after


That is a lot, I am sure it will be very rewarding looking through them though :slight_smile:


Hi :wave:

Sorting through my clothes and attempting to be ruthless. I may regret this. I tried on a dress that once fit me. Couldn’t even zip it up :laughing: aaaah despair. Blackberries for dinner.


Ah, I hate it when something like that comes up out of the blue. I have previously ignored old friends before because I have just wanted rid of the part of my life they belong to, feels like maybe that is a bit awful of me but it also seemed necessary.


Yep, you! How are you finding Little Women?


Evening FL and all. Feel like crap from too much messin at the weekend but watching the football and have some Thai on the way so hopefully that will cure me :+1:


I am always in awe of people who can fast, that must take an incredible amount of discipline. Hope you enjoy your food and drink shortly, that first sip/gulp of water must be such a relief.


ventured into the lme today to see an exhibition at the tate britain, which was good. also went and had a look at the small, dimly lit room where they display some of their collection of william blake paintings and prints, which was absolutely extraordinary.


Where you getting your Thai from?