Mood Board Shops


There’s a new phenomenon taking over shopping centres that I’m calling mood board shops.

I think Anthropoligie is a good example of this as far as chains go, but they’re mostly boutiques. The Kingston bentalls centre has loads of them. They sell kind of random stuff but all the stuff in the shop has a similar…erm…vibe maybe? Different shops, different vibes. They usually don’t have much stuff in them and it’s can be a mixture of clothes and homewares and candles and stationary. ‘Lifestyle’ stuff I guess. That’s why I’m calling them moodboard shops because they look like someones moodboard. I think a lot of them are pop ups. They’re very stylised.

They’re such a thing now.


They do work those things.

If I see one they send me into a right cob-on!!


Did you ever get those coat-hooks in the shape of letters?


no I didn’t get them


I like this idea, you’re spot on. Anthropologie for sure, I guess Urban Outfitters does the same for the yoof / hipster demographic.


Even the Evening Standard has noticed:


Lots of these in Brighton


I think it’s for the best, it was hard not to come up with anything that wasn’t NAFF. What are you doing with your coats then?


It’s quite funny because we had out loft converted and the builder put the door of the room under the stairs the wrong way round and it had some hooks on it but now they were on the front of the door, we hang our coats on that and it looks quite good!


ooh, I guess they have been around a while in a sense like Muji and Oliver Bonas but now they’re really a ‘thing’ , they’ve become self-conscious!


Like that sostrene grene place?


What’s a mood board?


you’re not really a mood board person epimer


* T H E M


Muji and Oliver Bonas design nearly all of their stuff in house, these curated concept/mood stores are more like showcases for other suppliers.




ah ok


She means mod board




Read the OP again. Still this.