Moody Monday

Shoe shopping today. V has also decided he need some joggers like footballers wear, I found some on h and m which he disregarded as they aren’t adidas or suchlike. I told him the only branded items I ever had were Gola trainers from the factory shop.

Anyway, did you have branded stuff as a kid?

Any other top Monday chat?

Watched Ill Behaviour last night and it was awful except someone I used to work with was in it as an extra and I did lots of Bristol spotting. Anyone else?


Feeling very very bleurgh today :pensive:

System is down at work so we’re all just sat here waiting for it to come back. I’m hoping we’ll get sent home tbh.

Yuck. I used to work in an LRC and when we had a power cut instead of sending us home we had to clean the computers. Horrible.

Get yourself a paper and do the crossword is my advice

Morn slicky,
We never had branded stuff when we were wee, there were 4 of us so whatever was cheap and did the job.
Feeling remarkably fresh this morn, not drinking on a Sunday is the way forward, maybe.

Haha yes!! Ugh, I wore a purple, green and white lecoqsportif jumper, a white kappa tshirt and navy and orange adidas tracksuit trousers :confused: aaaaargh I also had a Nike jacket that said “SWOOSH” on the back of it. This was in first year of school and I remember the friends I hung with insisited on doing laps of the school every single lunch and break time, I think it was to check out all the older lads they considered hot who hung out at the doors near graphics. Every time we walked past the boys would whisper with increasing volume “swooooooooosh!! Swoooooooooooooosh!!! Swoooossssh!!” I pleaded that we stopped doing laps but my friends were not up for it… Needless to say I stopped wearing the jacket pretty sharpish :confused: oh and got a whole new set of friends too :smiley: :+1:


OMG I just had a flashback, I just remembered the stupid nicknames the older boys had!!! Pen, Peck, Monkey and Mouse to name a few :roll_eyes:


It’s dead in the office today. There’s parking spaces outside my building!! Quite tempted to move my car into one for the sheer novelty of it all.

checks watch

didn’t really have branded stuff. tbf I outgrew most of my clothes rather than wore them out.

edit: boiler broke yesterday. :sweat: nothing else happening

First day back after a week off. So much to do - basically got to do two weeks of work this week.

Yes I had branded stuff, but I was a spoilt little shit. Still am I suppose. I used to wear the exact same clothes every day for a year though, so I suppose that helped keep costs down. Also we had uniforms at school, so none of the swooning from the boys.

Morning everyone. It took me 4 hours to get home from MK last night thanks to a big crash and vehicle fire. Pretty horrible scenes. Got home for 2 though so I watch Dragonporn then went to bed. 4 hours sleep makes a man, don’t you know.

No-one else of any import appears to be in today, so I’m hoping to do next to fuck all. It’s my last week in this job – fuck em.

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Driving back from Green Man. Hell of a weekend.

It’s back now so I guess I’d better do some work :confused:

morning all

have a meeting i’m not looking forward to but big boss has emailed saying he’s not coming. i’m still trying to decide if that makes it better or worse. no breakfast. had a load of enchiladas last night and can still feel them sitting in my stomach.

no branded gear for me either. i was one of the kids rocking the four stripe trackies from kirkcaldy indoor market. maybe that’s part of the reason that these days i’ll refuse to wear anything with a visible logo on it? hmm

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Alright Naomi klein


Are you from Kirkcaldy?

My kids have already had more pairs of branded trainers than I have owned in my entire life.

I used to wear the Woolworths imitation Dunlop Green Flash trainers.


I remember having a pair of those Adidas tracksuit bottoms too or at least in the same colours! These were the kind though that had poppers down the sides so say when you were at football training, you could wear shorts underneath and whip the joggers off with ease whenever required :grin:

Similar to these i think:

Other than sportswear (which was only a select few pieces) I didn’t own other branded stuff, I mainly remember when wearing a lot of knitwear made by my nan; the kind with lambs & rabbits on etc.


Alright team? Feeling pretty refreshed after a 4 day weekend even if most of it was spent boozing/in the boozer. Had my first ever sexy dream about a DiSer last night :confused: I will not @ them here to save her blushes (and mine).

Had a fair few branded bits and pieces, including those lurid fluorescent orange Adidas running shoes that were all the rage in PE. Still love the shit out of a vintage 80s Adidas jumper I picked up at a vintage warehouse years ago.

christ no. dunfermline

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