Going to be a big Tove Jansson exhibition this winter at the South Bank.


used to watch this cartoon as a kid and think ‘is there anything on the other side?’

but weird for my tiny mind


Not actually Moomin specific, but there was actually an exhibition celebrating her life and work on the centenary of her birth the other year :

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Found moomins deeply disturbing as a kid. Looking back, I think it’s because their mouths are so rarely on show when they speak. Find that super weird.

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The books are great. Delightful times spent reading them to my nipper.


At the ICA? I went to that. Was quite small, but great photos.

I went to the Tampere Art Museum which has a lot of her stuff too, I think a lot of the stuff in the new exhibition is on loan from there.

Animation trade secret- lots of stop-motion animations like Oliver Postgate’s don’t bother to move the mouths. Making the character who’s speaking move a bit or wave their hands is way easier and less work, and somehow works the same in viewer’s brains.

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Have you got to the really weird ones at the end of the series yet?

Found the cartoon too weird and sombre for me. What was up with that fisher kid? And a wizard who rode a panther (am I making that up?) Was there some weird religion allegory in it all?

I think when i first watched moomins as a child, i was too young to know what was going on, when it came to the end I cried because I thought they’d all died or weren’t coming back or something. Daft.

Our mate who loved Moomins moved back to Australia back in August. I am sad now :frowning2: although I do not blame you for this, obviously.

The panther-riding wizard was real.

The author was an unreligious lesbian from Finland, so no religious bits, but def some weird philosophy bits.

Second try because the picture didn’t work, and I can’t edit.

When everyone turns up at their house and they aren’t there? I saw a documentary about Tove Jansson, and she wrote that book shortly after her mother died, so def death vibes going on there.


He was the best!

Interesting. This does not work for me… I’m one of those on the spectrum who looks at people’s mouths rather than their eyes when they are talking. Find myself doing this even in things like video game cut-scenes.

This is really interesting- I guess it ties in in some way with some of the language issues people can also face?

If you go to say, 3:30 in, does the fact that the mouths don’t move really ruin the illusion for you?

They’ve got the original artwork in the exhbition (normally at Tampere Museum in Finland) - it’s especially nice to look at because you normally draw book artwork several times larger than the printed size.

It’s possible that it was that story, it sounds plausible enough, but it’s also possible that I just didn’t really know what was happening and assumed I’d never them again. I really don’t remember much about it other than it was the moomins, it was over and I cried. It might’ve been a sunny day.

Assuming that the same doc that was on iplayer a few months back, I really liked her, having known nothing of her before that. I didn’t even know that she was Finnish.