Moon Day Evening Thread 🌙

C’mon guys, we really need to be more on the ball with starting these threads on time.

Had a chippy for early tea round my nan’s, now I am waiting for access to my bedroom again.

What about you fine folk?


Made a good miso soup w/ tofu, mushrooms and spring onion.

Apart to turn off 6music, make a cup of tea. And settle down to watch England.

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Just got home after a 10 hour day with no lunch break. Knackered. The TV has dinner ready though, so that’s nice.

Feeling a bit shit about leaving the baby with my mate (who has a 1yr old who isn’t the best sleeper). Hoping ours does her normal thing and sleeps through. But we’re about to see Low, so can’t be too down


I would not survive 10 hours without lunch, you did well there!

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The like is for Low. Bit jealous!


Sure she’ll be fine, and it is good for you and the tv to get a night together, especially for Low! I know you missed them earlier in the year because of timing, so nice you got another chance fairly quickly :+1:


What channel are the brave, brave, brave young, inexperienced England team on?

Oh my god I put too much chili in the curry I made


I understand the feeling though, R was I think eight months the first time I went to a gig after he was born and I left him with my mum and I was feeling very guilty for going. Was Tim Darcy though so he was excellent enough to stop me worrying while he was on.

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Just booked my flu jab for Friday.
Making a black bean and aubergine chilli and listening to a rock and roll band I’m off to see on Weds. They’re actually really good.
Going to watch more Better Call Saul and drink excellent beer. Cheers

Skysports main event.

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Going to bed… at :eyes: 20:10

alright everybody!

My nieces have just been over so I got to play fun and silly uncle for a while which is always good for the spirit :slight_smile:

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Found a gbol to chat to in work. Feel kinda bad for dossing off so much

Forgot to make my coffee* for the morning :scream:

*despite it getting colder I have still been drinking cold brew first thing as it is the only way I have time for coffee before preschool drop off.

Went to lidl to get broccoli for the lovely parmesan and broccoli pasta we are having

They had 4pks of brahma beer for 3£, so enjoying one of them bad boys

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It must’ve thought you were pranking it… i mean how old do you think the Topics in there are anyway?!

Never had one me

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can always trust the good doctor to sort you out


Evening all,

Cooked curry for dinner, haven’t eaten it yet because my other half is out, so I’m waiting for her to come back. I might have overdone it on the garlic, but that’ll help my cold, won’t it?

Might be time for a beer.