Moon Day Evening Thread 🌙

Evening all,

Cooked curry for dinner, haven’t eaten it yet because my other half is out, so I’m waiting for her to come back. I might have overdone it on the garlic, but that’ll help my cold, won’t it?

Might be time for a beer.

is the man in the high castle worth watching? they’ve made three seasons of it now. guess that doesn’t mean anything right enough.

Where is everybody tonight? More than 20 minutes since anyone posted in the evening thread?

i’ve heard it’s alright. i haven’t watched it, though. you could read the book in less time than it would take to watch three series, and i doubt the show is an improvement on the book. (guessing you’ve probably already read it, mind)

ok so turns out my sudden illness is probably Colombian flu. i feel cold all over, thought it was just my office earlier but i’m wearing a very thick dressing gown and under a thick duvet and i’m still freezing cold. NEVER AGAIN.

get well soon imaperv!


Hey friends
Had a text off my Nanna’s friend earlier basically saying she’d popped over today and my Nanna had really concerned her by saying her cleaner (who I’ve never met) was moving in this week(!!) to help look after her and it was all a bit dodge. Obviously went straight over there to find out what the bloody fuck is going on, basically it sounds WAY more dodgy after speaking to her but I think I’ve managed to talk her out of it. I think. I’ve been saying for ages she needs help but she’s been dead against it so yeah, bit difficult. Sigh. My friend came with me which was lovely of her but it’s hard being her only family member.
ON A BRIGHTER NOTE I had a nice walk home and smiled at everyone I went past and a solid 75% smiled back, which is better than average


Oh mate that sounds really frightening (especially the presure of being the only family member)!! Glad it sounds like you sorted it out though.


oh dear that is concerning. i hope you’ve managed to dissuade your nan but it is very worrying with older relatives if people are trying to take advantage

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Thanks pervo :sparkling_heart: fingers crossed!
Hope you get well very soon!
(Also I always thought Colombian flu meant a comedown haha)


Bit cold. Under a blanket, layers on and drinking tea.

Just ate the last stollen bite which has cheered me slightly

I’ve eaten so many biscuits and cakes today

This, but replace biscuits and cakes with lebkuchen and more lebkuchen.

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I had a load of biscuits at work.

Still all your cycling means you must be needing all those lovely calories.

Good intervention! Even if the cleaner has/ had no bad intentions, where an elderly/ vulnerable person is concerned, these things need very careful thought. Can she get a home help of some kind?


@imaperv Get cosied up, lots of fluids and rest and small regular snacks. Best healer for this old bastard is time and whatever sleep you can get! You’ll be fine again by tomorrow, petal. :kissing_heart::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Just done my first job application after handing in my notice last week.


My bf has just told me about Sting and Shaggy’s collaboration and I thought I was being PUNK’D. But it actually seems to be A Thing. I need to lie down.


Oh wow, what did they say when you gave your notice?? Hope you feel empowered and good. I have no doubt that you’ll be snapped up in no time.

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Thank you :slight_smile: and @UnicornPorn too x
That’s it, just petrifying really. Still, sure it’ll be okay. And yeah, done a lot of research so will ring around tomorrow and get something sorted pronto