Moon Day thread

Hey team. Hope you have a great/not terrible week.

Tell me all about it!


Currently drinking coffee in bed. Office festival work today and tomorrow and partly Weds, and then leaving for the horror film festival on Thurs morning! One of my annual calendar highlights.

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I do not feel ready for Monday

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Off to Bristol today. Gonna stay with a mate. Her and her husband are going to babysit for us and we’re going to see Low. Woooooo



back from the gym (Leg day)
might pop into leon for an expensive breakfast
Need to buy some jumpers at some point today and give in a very important application
but first
a lil doubleespresso

I have an annoying spot on my face between my eyes. Grumble grumble.

Urrrggghhh rubbish night’s sleep :tired_face:

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Cannot be arsed at all today and to make it even more awful i have a cervical screen straight after work. literally the last thing i want to do in the world. Argggghhghggghggh.


I need to go to rehab

Why did no one tell me Michael Keaton is in RoboCop?

Don’t feel well so I’m working from bed today

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Morning all, just in my very important breakfast meeting…


Hiya. Just tobogganed down a mountain from the Great Wall of China.

Still getting over the massive culture shock that is China/Beijing. Food is incredible, going to the toilet is not. Jet lag has not set in…yet


Morning all!

It’s the October holiday so I am not working. My car is being MOT’d and Wor Lass is driving us to Edinburgh so her parents can watch The Child and we can go to the cinema.

I definitely think I’ve got a sinus infection.

You must’ve had SO many photos taken of you in China. I feel like a movie star as it is.

The day has finally come. The autumn day where I leave for work and it’s still dark outside. Grim…

My partner said it was the most unnerving thing, having everybody staring at you, everywhere.

That and babies and toddlers wearing split trousers instead of nappies

Yeah I’ve been asked to pose a few times but normally people just sneak up on your group and start taking pictures, it’s really funny.