Moon Knight

I enjoyed episode 1.

Oscar Isaac’s accent seemed good to me, even got to say ‘Bogeyman’ in a way that doesn’t make you check for a nearby sleazy disco!

I’m a bit unsure of the two distinctly different aspects to him though: The scarab stuff seemed really vague - he has it in his dream but then in the museum at the end the voice (of Mark?) is telling him to give him (Mark?) the scarab and we know he doesn’t have it, or it seems like he doesn’t? And where’s F Murray Abraham’s BIG VOICE guy now. It feels like a completely different mechanic, odd. Hopefully it will all make sense later…

I basically just enjoyed looking at Oscar Isaac 's face tbh, not sure about the rest of it


The query you have re the voices will be explained yes

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i assumed he had it? the steven personality doesn’t know he has it because the marc personality took over and hid it somewhere (i kept expecting him to find it in the fishtank)

Ooh, secret showrunning xylo is here!

(I mean yeah I hope so. Disney haven’t shown the same lax attitude to logic between episodes that, say, the modern Star Trek team have.)

oi oi does this take place in facking landan or wot


Okay but in that case why is the Mark personality asking Steve to give him the scarab in the museum?

Shut it, you slaaaaarrrg!


it didn’t i don’t think? ethan hawke asked for the scarab, marc just asked for steven to let him drive the body for a bit so they can escape

maybe i missed something though idk


No what i mean is, i know the character background, which you don’t.

And the reason there are two very different voices will naturally become clear.

I am trying not to get nerdy here and have not said this on the board yet but: i love moon knight. As in, I have read every single issue both of his own run since the character showed up in the 70s, and of the various times he’s popped up in crossovers and groups.

He is my very favourite comic hero character of all time (excepting Hellboy but that’s different).

So this series has felt quite an odd thing to be hyped about. So far, there are some bits I’m unsure about, but the way they’re playing it overall is great.


^ this is what happened, yes

Right I’ve gone back and yes, I think you’re right but the sound is incredibly similar for me of the two voices (the one that says that and when he’s in the bathroom) so I just thought they were the same. Particularly as Hawke’s character had said he didn’t want the scarab just before and hadn’t seemed bothered about it

yeah i did wonder if you were confused about Hawke’s voice (which felt like it was coming over an intercom i reckon) just before everything went hellboy-in-the-museum

Yeah he must have taken over the tannoy I guess.

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To be clear I am specifically hoping there is an explanation for F Murray Abraham’s snarky big voice only appearing in the Alps while his Mark personality only existing after that, no apparent crossover at all which I am reasonably hopeful there will be.

My only real niggle with this episode (again probably it’ll be explained) is if you phoned someone and someone with completely different voice answered who claimed they were someone else, would you actually just tough it out as “no it must be you”? :smiley: Surely your first thing is to end the call and dial again in case something went odd. But obviously maybe he has a history of doing the voice thing so who knows.

Both of your wonderings/niggles will 100% be cleared up, at least one i imagine within the next episode. The other, depending on how quickly they ‘catch him up’, might take a while. (But they both have good/pleasingly bonkers answers).

I’d actually managed to avoid news about the series at all, so it’s been fun to see which villain they’ve picked for the series (although there might obv be more to come), and the character Hawke is playing is fucking great in the comics, so prettttttty hyped now about how this all comes together.

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I thought it was great. Isaac was excellent as Steven, thought it was a really funny performance. The accent was decent. Yes London geography was silly but it’s always fun to see familiar locations.

The phone thing did make me question why he would say 'why did you call me Marc? and not ‘sorry I’m Steven, this isn’t my phone’ but presumably the name Marc rings a bell in his head


On accents.

Isaac’s hokey english accent sucks (and with specific good reason), but it’s the writing of said englishness that makes it worse. ‘Donna’ said ‘bloody’ every other word.

Casting directors from a US perspective always want RP or Fackin Cockerkneeeeee with absolutely nothing in-between and it’s insanely fucking boring.

Nah it’s okay. It’s not the best for sure but it doesn’t suck. It struck me as very North London TBH.

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the only thing that bothered me a bit was after he runs away from ethan hawke and his goons he just… goes back to work? youve seen ethan kill someone and you know he’s in the building, but fuck, better do that inventory!

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