Moonlight (film)

Moonlight starts previewing today so I think it’s time for its own thread (also to do a little writing JAG)

I saw it for the second time today and it really is a phenomenal piece of cinema. Every scene feels vital, everyone is cast to perfection and puts in an incredible performance, it manages to be both brutally realistic and cinematically poetic at the same time.

I think literally the only minor criticism I can level at it is the scene where Adult Chiron/Black has a wet dream about Adult Kevin even though he doesn’t know what he looks like yet but that’s such a minor quibble and doesn’t really detract from the overall feel of the film that it doesn’t bother me.

It is pretty much a perfect film and deserves to win the Best Film Oscar IMO, edging out Manchester By The Sea (only just mind)


I have a question - does anyone know the song thats playing in Chiron’s car when he pulls up to Kevin’s diner?

amazing performances - wanted to see more of Mahershala’s character though!


thought it was a chopped and screwed remix of classic man by jidenna?

edit: lol, it’s exactly that


I do not, but the opening track is every nigga is a star which is also on to pimp a butterfly

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yeah! I knew it was going to be good when it opened with that!

that’s it! Class, cheers!

aye, soundtrack has some proper tunes (barbara lewis, goodie mob)

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The original score is amazing too

It’s such a well measured film, not a minute of the run time is wasted. The scene where he twats yer man in the back with a chair is completely exhilarating.

Yer man Barry Jenkins is on Kermode and Mayo next week.


Spent most of the first…half or so thinking they’d missed the mark and were going down the all-too-familiar paths other black coming-of-age films have, and had doubts the cast could support the weight of the storyline once it became apparent Mahershala Ali’s character was no more, then the second half absolutely transfixed by the…gentleness of it. The final of the three acts is as affecting as anything you’ll see. The scenes between the lead and his mother towards the end are beautiful, and the the conclusion of the film so delicate and sparse, they couldn’t have done it better, really. It’s a great film. It feels like an important film.


Yeah that final act really is something huh, so so tense

Watched last night.
A very special film.

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Absolutely brilliant film.

That’s a sample.

Watched it last night. Loved it. Only complaint was that it’s too short. So rare that I watch a film now and think ‘That could have been twice as long’.

which I only realised after hearing TPAB - that sounded smartarse-ish.

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One of those rare moments when I’m sat in the cinema completely oblivious to that fact that I’m… sat in the cinema. Completely compelling and a wonderful film.


i prefer it too short. instantly wanted to watch it again.

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waiting for one of my local Cornish cinema’s to pull their finger out and show this

Showing in 100 or so more cinemas from Friday so fingers crossed?