I think this is different to mooning, I’m not very streetwise though.


Do you have a second ‘job’?

Or or a hobby that you think of as an alternative career to your day job?

Something that is a passion of yours that you’ve chosen to pursue alongside a different, more boring / functional job?

Mine is hairdressing. Tell me about yours. Chat, wax lyrical. Please.

Or, 0 replies. (Almost 0 reptiles).

Do you get paid for it? Is this something you’ve always wanted to do?

I’d love to be watching telly and suddenly one of my bits of music comes on - do you know when a show is going to use your stuff? (So many questions!)

That’s not bad money either as a side-line at all, either.

Who do you cut hair for? Do you do elaborate styles or keep it simple? Any hair types that you wouldn’t dare have a crack at?

Mystery shopping. Can make some reasonable cash - but you’d really need to put the effort in, so I don’t and mainly get free meals when I feel like it.

Occasionally tutor biology but I don’t actively seek it out, only when someone comes to me.


I get paid to feed cats sometimes. It’s not really a second job because it’s extremely irregular and mostly I just do it for fun because I can’t have a cat (and to get to go in expensive central London homes as an added bonus).

That sounds pretty great on two counts.

  1. cats.
  2. expensive homes.

Do you ever scope them out for an imaginary heist even though you’re not like that? I think I might.

I do stand up comedy, improvised comedy, (bad) acting, (bad) voice acting, the old DiS classic “making music”, the other old DiS classic “writing about music”, and anything else that I get carried away with in the moment when having conversations with people which rapidly escalate (e.g. the DiS community Tiger Crew video which is going to be the best thing ever)

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Both of those sound pretty cool too.

When I worked at Sainsburys, we used to get the old ‘mystery shopper’ routine to keep us on our toes. But, I think it’d be fun to do (particularly if you get free meals).

I think I’d be quite a forgiving mystery shopper.

That totally feeds my inner nerd :slight_smile:

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I go to feed this total babe for a whole week recently

I couldn’t POSSIBLY comment on the second one :wink:

I introduced a pal from work to the website I do it through, she got booked by this couple to stay in their two-storey flat in a luxury block in Pimlico (with a gatehouse) for like two weeks when they went on holiday, because they didn’t want their cat to be left alone overnight.


I am a fairly forgiving mystery shopper, having also been on the receiving end at Safeway, and I reserve my ire for when someone gives such bad service they clearly don’t give a crap, then I go to town on them.

I have a few regular customers that I’ve built up over the past few years, and also there’s a website I use to advertise for hair models too for more elaborate / daring cuts.

I’d approach any kind of hair quite happily, and tend to err on the side of caution when snip snip snipping away. I learned quite early than the idea of ‘an inch’ can vary wildly.

Afro hair is challenging, but enormous fun as well.

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My TV’s parents do mystery dining, or did at least. They showed me the number of questions they had to answer and it was so thorough and lengthy. Quite far from just a free meal.

That sounds like the kind of mystery shopper I would be.

I can forgive poor service if there is effort here, but if someone is just there to earn a few quid, make up the numbers and not give a shit then I’d haul their asses over the coals for sure.

Jealousy levels critical!!! :slight_smile:

Yeah you have to be quite careful and selective about which jobs you chose and what companies you work for on that basis. Having said that, the company I do most of my work for will have 40 odd questions, but because I’ve done the shops that often I don’t need to do any prep or write anything down cause I know exactly what to look for. Some jobs take 10 minutes to write up, others an hour.

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I’ve been thinking about it tbh. Be nice to have a super casual second job in just like a pub or be a postie again.

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My ex’s Dad is a postie and swears by it. Encouraged me to try it out when I was unemployed a few years back. The early mornings though…

Wouldn’t mind being a barman either in a fairly quiet decent pub. Football on tap, bit of chatter and maybe the occasional sneaky half.

I have my boss’s blessing to be a very slightly different kind of patent attorney in my spare time (representing clients from pro bono work properly), but I pointed out to her that I’m not regulated to do that kind of work any more.

I dare anyone to give a more boring answer than that.

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