Moontag das 21

Starting the day right with a Berocca. Fed the cat.

Four days of being home. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Technically ‘at work’ today.

Bets on how much work I do?

  • Eight hours
  • Six hours
  • Four hours
  • Two hours
  • Fuck alll

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The Moontag is right?


:rotating_light: :rotating_light:

So far this morning I have got shower gel in my eye and sprayed deodorant in my mouth. Going to work soon if I can get there in one piece.



Was meant to be WfIoW today but I’m… WfCatford for obvious reasons. Need to cancel my leave on Wednesday too. Nevermind eh?


Awww sending love Pniks. Hope you and the Mike manage to have some sort of nice Xmas xx


Thanks mate. We’ll be fine, but I need to source more booze and something to eat on Christmas Day!

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I demand to have More Booze!!

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Shortest day today :hugs:


Good day

Only… 12 hours to get through until D&D with that GBODiSers. Arranged for sometime else to be doing bedtime so I can be on time and everything.

Before then… Anything that keeps R entertained I guess.



I finally got a decent nights sleep, for the first time in ages, since the boys excitement about Christmas must have been tempered against how tired he must have been after getting up so early so many days in a row.

I’ve got work today, and it’ll be fairly quiet, but I have got a few calls later today so I will have to do some

Ohhh never mind

Morning. Unsurprisingly slept rubbish.

Been to the shop before work to do a bit of panic buying and getting the last of the Christmas food

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Haha I dunno its half seven and I’m tired

No it was my error. wolfcastled myself!

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Shit nights sleep, got an 11hr shift with a 10hr turn around afterwards. Yay Christmas

What are you after? Might possibly be able to use the shop parcelforce account to get something to you.


Oh funky, you’re too good. And absolutely don’t need to do that. Just beer really, I’m going to head to one of our local little shops later and get some bits, I’ll get some then!


What a miserable morning, in many ways.

Greetings from Hoogy HQ

I’ll be here all day, every day (10 day quarantine, obviously)