Moontag das 21

You made it !


Morning all!

We’re Xmas food shopping today.

We were meant to be getting our driveway paved after the company rescheduled in November. We had no official confirmation they were still coming but there is now a small digger parked on my front lawn.

Maybe some suppliers listed here can help…

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Happy winter solstice.

Had a cracking dream about some owls on a hang glider.

Going to a light festival thingy tonight , scared of going on the tram tbh and its at bedtime so imagine m will fall asleep on the way back then be wide awake until midnight. But I’m going, not left the house in days and not done anything pretty much since February or something so we are going.

Going to do solstice things first, making a celeriac pie, lighting candles, going for a walk and collecting nature stuff.


guten tag? wie gehts dis

ich bin super fantastisch


Waiting for the gp to ring me back as heartburn is back with avengeance.

Awake since 2. A new record. Must have been excitement for starting my week of on call shifts because every other person on the usual rota has booked leave this week. Gonna be a great, great week.

Working today audit

  • Aye

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Morning morning!

Off to Bath to do some Santa shopping

Should be…fine right??

  • Hahahaha
  • Yes it will be a Xmas dream
  • God speed
  • Please pick me up something

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Darkest day of the year today, starts getting lighter from here.


Actually and metaphorically hopefully



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Got half a day of WFH today

Might raise in the morning meeting if seeing as this is the last day, can I bring games in

In which case I will be playing Evil Within 2 between the hours of 9 in the am and 1 in the pm

With overtime if there’s a particularly tricky stealth section

Thought I was being sensible by not taking leave this week to finish some stuff off when its quiet but now have been asked to do loads because everyone else is off! I have played myself.



Hotel bed was so comfy I didn’t want to get out of it. Was gutted the restaurant is closed so assumed no breakfast but the tv just came back with this:

Another eight hour drive today.


Had a super good zoom yday eve with an ‘all welcome’ off muh socials - ended up talking to Bristol, Oslo, LA and Berlin all at once which made me a bit emotional

This week is gonna be shit

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I’m so sorry you’re having to deal with that meagre continental breakfast.


I have my PDR this afternoon, the cheek!

Also just cancelled my leave for Wednesday.