MoOoOoNdaAaAaAy NiIiIiIight 🎃👻🧛‍♂️🧙‍♀️

Should have read thread first.


Doesnt seem to be working :unamused:

Got it to work! (Had no idea you could search for retailers and buy through the app, thank you)

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Nae bother. I wish i had remembered the function to do that in the app about four hours ago before i ordered mine with the paypal pay in 3 chunks option.

Dehumidifer gang for life. Pure dehumidifier virgin here but can’t wait to try that badboy out.

I am so fucking old.


I am disgustingly excited about it arriving. Pathetic :smiling_face_with_tear:

Even now with the mini one i have every time its full I’m a bit like - what is this hocus pocus? Free water from…the air?


I had to specify Saturday delivery to make sure someone is in but annoyingly could have had it so much sooner if i didn’t have to, y’know, go to my job and get paid so i can pay for the thing.


Ooo I’ve got a Meaco - am I in with the cool kids?

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Well that film certainly was a ride

What film?

We watched Old.

It was bad.

Yeah they’re an essential item if you want to be with it imo


Just realised I missed a stitch in my crochet about 3 days ago. I could leave it but now that I’ve seen it it’ll annoy me, so I’ve got loads of unravelling to do :upside_down_face:

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Witches tried to convince me Old was good, hmm

Why are we all buying dehumidifiers?

Mine broke

:frowning: Good reason tbf

We use it to dry clothes in the winter (probably so 10 loads a week I reckon) so it’s an essential piece of gear in our gaff


Ah, smart. Didn’t even occur to me they’d help with that - we just leave our washing up for a couple of days until we need to do the next load. (We obviously don’t need to do them as often as the t clan)

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Morning all. I like having a reason to get up. It helps the old brain.

Wet innit. I’ve sacked in the Daily cycle commute. Don’t even feel guilty.

It’s humid at the moment and too warm for radiators to be on and clothes aren’t drying well. I’m not going to buy one but I can see why everyone else is

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