Moor Mother Appreciation Thread

Her past two years have been untouchable and I feel it has culminated with her new album Jazz Codes that was released today. Just a couple of weeks on from another excellent album, the debut 700 Bliss album with DJ Haram. Plus her album a couple of years back with billy woods is excellent and Irreversible Entanglements continue to release some excellent jazz record.

So yeah. She’s fucking great. Appreciate!

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Her work from this year


Im just listening to Jazz Codes. Its great. Really like this one and the Black Encyclopedia album most. Need to spend a bit more time with some of the other more abrasive/noisy albums.

Pops up on a wide range of excellent releases as a feature too. Sons of Kemet, Armand Hammer, Jerusalem in My Heart, The Bug, Pink Siifu… and remixes of The Body, Galya Bisengalieva, Gonjasufi… incredible artist.

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Put in a pre-order on Bandcamp Friday for this; very excited after Jazz Codes and the last Irreversible Entanglements record.

Someone I’ve made a mental note to properly delve into this year, looks like I timed that well

Half way through the new one. A lot noisier/experimental than her previous couple of solo albums. Really good so far.

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I’m not all that familiar with her previous records, but I’m quite taken after a couple of listens of The Great Bailout.

Booked in to see her performance in Bristol on Monday - in the smaller hall at the Beacon (ex-Colston Hall), which is apt given the subject matter.

Just started this, delighted to see Lonnie Holley on the first track, his album from last year is well worth checking out, such a soulful voice

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Remember really enjoying it on first listen, but never went back to it. Need to revisit it.

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Doing a feature on tonight’s Unclassified:

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