Moor Mother Appreciation Thread

Her past two years have been untouchable and I feel it has culminated with her new album Jazz Codes that was released today. Just a couple of weeks on from another excellent album, the debut 700 Bliss album with DJ Haram. Plus her album a couple of years back with billy woods is excellent and Irreversible Entanglements continue to release some excellent jazz record.

So yeah. She’s fucking great. Appreciate!

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Her work from this year


Im just listening to Jazz Codes. Its great. Really like this one and the Black Encyclopedia album most. Need to spend a bit more time with some of the other more abrasive/noisy albums.

Pops up on a wide range of excellent releases as a feature too. Sons of Kemet, Armand Hammer, Jerusalem in My Heart, The Bug, Pink Siifu… and remixes of The Body, Galya Bisengalieva, Gonjasufi… incredible artist.