Mooted any threads lately?

Reckon I’ve got a couple coming up

Mooed at any threads lately?

Well I guess I cud make that parody thread.

I think I’d like to have seen the MOO in caps rather than the THIS.

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I’ll see you in the ‘thing which constantly irk me about shit memes’ thread.

Wrong emphasis!

All of which are american dreams


I was going to start one asking ‘have you ever used a fire extinguisher?’. Has 23 replies written all over it.

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230 more like

I’m heavy on the muting. Anything I know I won’t read (cricket, formula 1) but will hang around for a while gets muted immediately. Some of the politics threads get culled too. I’m waivering over the cycling thread but keep getting drawn in.

i don’t mute any threads just in case people are talking about me

@japes is a cunt

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need to do a poll of some sort like

  • set it off for legitimate fire reasons (keep it light)
  • set it off for massive banter
  • never set one off because I’m a boring fanny and I’ve never been in a fire.
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that new pitbull track is a banger