Mooving story from West Wales

after wandering into the line of fire

Cows aren’t the fastest, or smallest, of animals are they? Like surely it was possible to see them in the area in time to avoid mowing them down?


Apparently not. I know the area really well and was actually just down the road when it happened. It’s a huge area with undulating terrain. Lots of hedgerow as well. But not very nice. First time I’ve heard of it happening in 30 odd years of living / visiting there.

Fucking army pricks

Surely they should be monitoring the area though? Have a drone up or spotters dotted around the place in case anything goes wrong or, for example, a herd of cows decide to go for a wander through the firing range.

There are definitely viewing towers. But yes agree, you’d think someone would have noticed before they had killed 8 of the poor things…

That’s an absolutely horrible news story. Cows are beautiful, intelligent animals who do not deserve the life they get (or to end up on human plates) and this must have been terrifying (although perhaps not as terrifying as their trip to the abattoir, I suppose #silverlining.)

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Apparently the most deadly large animal in the UK, 75 people killed between 2000 and 2015 :anguished:

My dad did national service in the artillery (in greece) and was part of a team that accidentally blew up a pig farm. They miscalculated the distance to where they were supposed to be firing or something. No humans were harmed, thankfully, and i guess the pigs didn’t have long left anyway

Definitely killed them deliberately