Moral Dilemma Thread

You are in the office. You have run out of milk for your tea. It is Friday. You are not a member of “Milk Club” an office extortion racket/very reasonably priced milk kitty, whereby a self appointed capo bastone/very nice lady buys milk for the milk club every week.

Do you

  • Steal the milk required with no second thoughts
  • Steal it but feel bad, they have lots, but you’re NOT a member of milk club
  • Go and speak to Gill about the situation you find yourself in
  • Walk about 2 minutes across the road to buy a little pinter that you won’t get through, and influenced by previously bad office refrigerator experiences, haev concerns it will possibly be inadequately refrigerated over the weekend
  • Don’t have a tea due to the milk situation

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Please add any further moral dilemmas below

Who is Gill?

Hand in notice and get a job where they supply the milk gratis.

Maybe ask Gill if she wants to go out for a coffee.


I know, this is a real step down

Have a black tea.


if you steal the milk is there a chance someone close to you will die? like in the movie about the button, called “the button”?


you’ve broken the first rule of milk club, they will never let you join


Hmm, yeah, that seems logical

Gill is the name I have given to the woman who runs milk club. I have no idea if she is called Gill but she knows quite a lot about me and my family


Ok, thanks for the info.

Just want to state again how absurd it is to me that this is an actual thing in quite a lot of workplaces.

I’m not sure I can say this isn’t a possibility. Who knows how far this “club” is willing to go to protect its main resource


Given that she knows so much, she’ll know if you steal some milk.

drink the coffee i was going to make anyway.

alright mate, don’t rub it in! Have moved from an office where tea, coffee, and milk was free. We had CLIPPER tea as well, clipper! now I’m scuttling around stealing milk ffs!

You can get through a pinter if you really give it a good old try.


is this going to be your only / final cup of tea of the day, or are you going to have to make multiple milk heists?

I’m genuinely sorry that this has happened to you.

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Milk is murder :-1:

surely any decent employer includes such things as part of general office expenses?