Morbid fascinations


What’s yours?

Me? - Reading the comments on the Daily Mail website


Watching NCIS


Plane crashes…


Conspiracy theories, apparently.



Do you need an Intervention?


I quite like it. It’s not as good as Castle or the Mentalist though, obviously.



weird phenomena (like this:

the possibility of nuclear war


I enjoy a bit of fan death too.

Was also a bit obsessed with nuclear war when I was a nipper, but then again it was a fairly real possibility in the 80s. When The Wind Blows and Threads put a fairly sizeable dent in my childhood tbh tbf…


Japanese urban legends and theories about the end of the universe for me, Clive


YouTube is a veritable cornucopia for morbid fascination.
I find myself watching all sorts of videos showing weird deaths and injuries.


I’ve mentioned it before on here.

Over the next nine days, Slotin suffered an “agonizing sequence of radiation-induced traumas”, including severe diarrhea, reduced urine output, swollen hands, erythema, “massive blisters on his hands and forearms”, intestinal paralysis, and gangrene.

His reckless ways also saved a few people but ultimately he was working on the Manhattan project and killed a lot more innocent people which is slightly worse.


Basically these: the more depressing the better


I’m kind of into people being kidnapped and held captive for years. I just find it fascinating.


any kind of true crime stuff, disappearances, etc.
lee harvey oswald


Do you listen to Criminal podcast?

It’s like individual crime stories, all different kinds, and they’re only about 10-20 mins long and so interesting.


^Bloody love Criminal.

Sword and Scale is the OTT murder equivalent, and some episodes are totally awful and really bad, but sometimes I can’t stop myself from listening to it.


nah i never really get on with those things, they’re always a bit too hammy. i need the cold hard facts.


ooh I’m gonna get on this, cheers!


On the subject of True Crime: was reading the latest stuff on the JonBenet Ramsey murder that came out today.

Morbid and fascinating


when I took the trains for work I got into it a lot, but there were a couple of episodes that were super bad (like, victim-blaming and almost emotionally manipulating the audience) but yeah, it’s pretty addictive