Morbid fascinations


YES. This is fascinating (although I haven’t read about it fully yet, only a bit which was like “they had an argument over a midnight snack of pineapple”).


yeah i’ve actually read a couple books on the case. none of it is really new but because of the anniversary there’s been a bunch of new shows commissioned. i watched the A&E one which was total garbage, but the CBS one that’s coming out looks worth a shot.


Who is looking forward to this?


yep, me. this is now the true crime thread.



(yes me)

did you watch this?

bloody great


I don’t have sky so I didn’t end up watching it and didn’t get round to streaming it. I’ll start it soon I think.


found that show and a couple others like it really murky. chummy up with a guy you know is a murderer and then stage a ‘discovery’ towards the end for a dramatic climax. same thing with the imposter, and in the british show interview with a murderer. really pretty irresponsible stuff tbh.


so so watchable though

(you are right, obv)


I can never get that Tara Calico polaroid out of my head after the last Scary Door thread.


Can’t think of one to be honest.

I really don’t like true crime at all. Particularly the sensationalist stuff.

Always feel that there’s something really grubby about writers and documentary makers cashing in on other people’s misery.

There’s so rarely anything edifying about these incidents. I have a hard enough time reading about gruesome stuff in the papers without seeking out more of it.

In short, you people are sick.


death positivity stuff


I sometimes go through periods of watching cats and dogs being mistreated in China and what have you. like vids on that Yulin meat festival.

fucking horrible

usually have to go for a swift ride on the bike to get that out of my system.

not sure why I do this


I went to a taxidermy class run my the chick and the dead lady in the barts pathology museum

Did you see she was on that program cutting open a dead overweight lady to show how unhealthy it was?


those Herzog death row documentaries were good


^this to the OP

the breaking mechanics of submissions, so how a well executed achilles lock targets the joint in question.


my friend and I watched one of these on christmas eve a couple years back. really took the edge off, I can tell you


That’s grim


Oh god, you didn’t Google it did you NV?


40 replies and nobody has said the social board yet? c’mon dis


Yes :anguished: