Morbid thread

How morbid are you?

  • very morbid, think about death a lot
  • probably a little more than the average human
  • don’t think about death much
  • never crosses my mind

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my own death bothers me

  • a lot
  • depends
  • not much

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I’d like it if people discussed death…

  • more often
  • less often

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Death doesn’t really scare me. Doesn’t make sense to be scared of something everyone does.
The process of dying does though, I think.
Also, the last thing I would want if I was dying was a load of people stood around while it was happening. My absolute nightmare, all eyes on you!
I want to be like a cat or something and go off on my own to die.


It’s a really difficult subject to talk about though, understandably because everybody has their own trauamas and experiences with it.

I have trouble thinking through certain stuff though like when is the optimal time to die? When you are happiest? When you are saddest? When you’ve lived the longest? It feels shameful to even think these questions through and to vocalise them but I don’t know how to have as honest and open a discussion as possible.

Faith really changes my perspective of death, its easier to accept


Feel like I need to be careful as I don’t know who might be living with/with people affected by chronic or terminal conditions so I definitely want to apologise if I upset anyone and please let me know if anything posted needs amending thanks!

Just want to get something finished I’m proud of before I’m done. Also quite afraid of the few family members I have left shuffling off beforehand, that’ll be a lonely time.

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when I see a skeleton (in media etc)

  • I think about how they are inside of people and what’s left over after we pass away
  • Hehe funny spooky fantasy monster

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Do you think you’ll know when you’ve achieved it? I feel like I’ve done things I’ve been proud of at the time but I don’t really care anymore, it all fades like when you feel great after recovering from being sick for a week or so then you’re over it

think I’m more likely to be able to string myself along with a pizza to look forward to every week or so forever than anything noble

yeah this is the worst bit, sometimes when you really feel this in a tangiable way it’s terrifying and can cause a panic attack

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  • I know somebody who is into cryogenics and trying to live forever
  • I do not know such a person

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Tbh that’s pretty much what my life to date has felt like so at least I’m getting the experience in.


I’m sorry to hear that

  • I know somebody who worked as an undertaker
  • I do not know such a person

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I find graveyards

  • peaceful and serene
  • an unsettling reminder

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I know someone who’s just started working as an administrator at an undertakers. On her first week she saw a work colleague from her previous job on the slab!


Don’t think I’d be able to stop thinking about that.

Really don’t know what my reaction would be to a dead body, I can see roadkill and pigeons eaten by the foxes without it getting to me. Doubt I’d be able to detach myself from it in the same way for a person though

think it could be fascinating conversation but worried I wouldn’t actually want to know the kind of stuff I might ask about