More and more people are slagging twitter off, or at least its content

By more and more I’ve seen a couple of people slag it.

Has it jumped the shark then? Where are we going next, ello?

ello - is it me you’re looking for?

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someone followed me on there a few weeks ago, might’ve been the dis official account, can’t remember

Twitter is good and fun IMO, it is a place for jokes, NOT discourse though IMO.

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^he didn’t put the H in IMO so he’s lying


Always thought Twitter could be really great if tweet lengths were, say, 300 or 400 characters. I want to ingest snippets of information, but not literally just a few words.

too arrogant, that’s the problem there

nah. i’m not reading a timeline full of 400 word shit posts.

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Still into cycling, mate?



twitter is fine if you’re able to ignore about 98% of twitter users.

kind of like life

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Twitter is great, you just have to avoid all the fucking dullards who think using twitter a lot makes them interesting.

Tweets that are written like mini plays. Fuck off.
People who refer to twitter as a collective. Fuck off.
People who tweet funny and interesting stuff. Big fan!
Animal gifs. Big fan!


Really like Twitter for breaking news snippets, witty retorts and pun hashtags, live reporting from somewhere, etc. Balls to getting involved in a conversation with anyone or responding to Famous Person X’s hot take opinion on Issue Z. World of shit awaits.

long twitter threads starting with “we need to talk about this”
“also me:” type shite
people who have to include a generic gif with every single tweet they do

can all fuck off.

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I used to love interacting with famous people on there, “are you really dave benson phillips”?


Thread :point_down:

(load of ranty bollocks you’re never going to read)


Problem with twitter is that everyone who uses it thinks they’re funny and interesting, when THEY’RE NOT.

gotta say

I can’t remember the last time that I first found out about a major news event through any other channel than twitter

“we need to talk about” really grates on me for some reason. refuse to read anything that starts with that.