More fighting fantasy?

Thinking of doing one later next week if there’s still enough people here who’d be interested?

  • Turn to 400 (yes)
  • Killed by a tree (no)

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Most recent effort:

Dear God yes!

Being slowly murdered by @Discobot is one of the real highlights of this place.

No, Disco, I don’t want to hear what you can do.


Hi! To find out what I can do, say @discobot display help.


@discobot roll 2d6

:game_die: 1, 3

Nice one

There’s no way we haven’t learned from our past mistakes, we’ll fly through this.


Unfortunately we gave the flying potion to an ogre a few pages back and so it’s more like falling


OK - that seems like a good number to me. Will aim to make a start on Thursday!

  • Creature of Havoc
  • Robot Commando
  • Sword of the Samurai
  • Masks of Mayhem
  • Freeway Fighter
  • Spellbreaker

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There is no chance that sword of the samurai won’t be orientalist and problematic is there?

slim to none I’d guess

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We play like creatures of havoc, so that’s what I’m voting for. No idea what the book is like

probably the best one in the list. You ARE the creature of Havoc!

Also… probably the hardest.


The most fun will be Robot Commando I think. Should be good fun deciding which robot to use and, if I recall correctly, pretty easy to get to some kind of happy ending.

Creature of Havoc is pretty high concept - much more to it than just going shopping. I’ve never completed it or come anywhere close.

Freeway Fighter is a crap Mad Max rip-off where the only goal seems to be finding enough petrol not to get stuck forever in desert wilderness.


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@discobot Crap flying robot or crap walking about robot?