More fighting fantasy?

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Creature of Havoc’s the best one but even odds we’d die within five pages. Think the robot one’s our best chance of registering a win.

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Which one has the most killing small animals and harassing homeless people?

You murder a hobbit in the first few pages of CoH.

Agreed. Quite fancy spellbreaker too though- seem to remember it was basically set in a fenland monastery so right in my wheelhouse.


image image image
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man, what a fucking gig it must have been writing these

imagine that was your job


Robot Commando has you as a robot fighting a t-rex and Spellbreaker has you literally fighting Satan, so those two seem the obvious candidates to me.

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spellbreaker cover is amazing. Pure metal.

(pretty sure it’s nearly as hard as creature of havoc though)

Selling points though those undoubtedly are, could you maybe add spoiler tags? I’d rather play whichever book is selected with as little foreknowledge as possible

Seeing as we’ve actually come close on at least one occasion to completing this, only to find out we hadn’t bothered to buy the orb of you need this to complete your adventure or whatever, I’m thinking of introducing a couple of virtual bookmarks/, to allow us to go back if needs be? Only 1 or 2 though.

  • Good idea
  • Bad idea

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I don’t know if those actually happen lol, it’s based purely on what the front cover shows.


Changed my vote to Spellbreaker purely because while they all sound like fine Iron Maiden songs I’m imagining Spellbreaker would go hardest.

Don’t know those last two covers at all. Not sure if that’s the surprising part or that the other four are still instantly recognisable.

It’s 100% going to be problematic, whether through accuracy or inaccuracy.

i’m a purist

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Looks like it’s gonna be ROBOT COMMANDO!

Not sure if the thread should be on this board or ‘entertainment’. I’ll start it here tomorrow afternoon but if mods want to move it over, that’s fine of course.


Probably not going to play, as too busy, but just to say I remember the cover of Freeway Fighter very well, meaning I definitely read/played that one. Looks well Carmageddon.

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There’s a good blog about it here that may bring back some more memories…