More WFH

My company is talking about moving from an office that accommodates all 150 of us based in London, to a much smaller office next year.

They are consulting on it, but the argument is that Covid has proved we can do more remote working.
The proposal is 2 days in the office, 3 days WFH.

Im surprisingly scared of the prospect of 3 days WFH every week forever (or as long as i work there). Covid caveats aside.
Think it’d be incredibly boring, and i’d miss the social side.

Then again i don’t have kids, and i quite like my colleagues and post-work pints.

Is anything similar happening where you work? How would you feel about it?

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For the time being we’re looking at maximum 50% of current capacity on site. As people like me can do their job remotely with almost no change, we’ll be the lowest priority for going back in.

I’d be ecstatic if this was permanent.


Depends on how bad your commute is, and how much office space you have at home.

Full time working from home is hell for me, I can never relax during the week. Having said that it can be helpful to be at home sometimes. Maybe two days a week at home and three in the office would be good.

I’m never getting up before 5 to 9 again


I would be happy to never go back to the office, again.


Dolly Parton lyrics needed …


I’m never showering on my own time again.


im not expecting to be back in the office til next year for various reasons. really not enjoying it tbh, miss working with people, half my work comes from just chatting to people around the office. shit innit, but cest la vie


Basically this. It’s taken a pandemic to really realise how weird my colleagues are and the extent of how much I dislike the work atmosphere


I think I’d be fine working from home more and do more with my free time as a result. Would definitely be more inclined to do more sociable things at night instead of being destroyed as a result of forced interactions with people all day.


On a personal level, my work-related anxiety has evaporated and realised that it was largely to do with the office environment.


Oh yeah massively has for me too.

Yeah this. My work is largely solitary anyway so having to commute into an office and deal with office bullshit so I can sit and do my solitary work has always felt daft, and all that ancillary stuff is the source of a good 98% of my work anxiety.

Mentioned this before, but if most office based jobs were to become more home based it would be interesting to see the impact on the type of people who seek that type of work. A lot of my colleagues are noticeably struggling with communication, etc. I find it absolutely okay given that I can’t be arsed with people generally and have spent most of my life on the internet, etc. Think I actually communicate better in text format tbh.


Also I’m veerrryy invested in the routines the birds have with the feeder in the garden.


can’t really do chemistry from home unless I want to cook meth

Not with that attitude you can’t, no

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Well what’s keeping you?

I’d love to do a WFH/in the office split. Find getting in and out of central London + being around people all day really draining. A bit of opportunity to socialise with my colleagues F2F mixed with some time as a reclusive oddball every week would be ideal for me.

No plans for us to go back into the office at all for the moment.

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