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One hand one bounce is a rule exclusively for garden cricket in my opinion

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I don’t even play one hand one bounce in PE with children

Shit rule

Couldn’t agree more.

Sometimes we’d add in ‘no hands 2 bounce’ where you could catch someone out on the second bounce if you trapped it between your legs or something. Good laughs

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Was going to say a further benefit of wfh permanently would be the ability to avoid all football and football-adjacent chat forever but that’s apparently incorrect

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Yeah football is a popular and funny and old game imo


It’s a Sihoo M57. It gets really good reviews. It’s often known as the Sihoo Ergonomic Office Chair in the UK. Lots of adjustable features, but no where near the cost of, for example, a Herman Miller Aeron.

Annoyingly, the only place you can get it in the UK is via their Amazon portal, so for the first time in nearly a decade I had to purchase something through the site. It arrived within about two days of placing the order.

I went for the one with the mesh seat and headrest. You can also get one that uses sponge and fabric instead, which is a bit cheaper:

Some reviews

I figure that if this chair lasts twenty years, like the last one, it’ll be value for money, especially as it’s so much better for my back and posture.

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I’ve lived alone since lockdown but as I now have a flatmate I wanted to get a desk for my bedroom so went to IKEA last night. Literally every desk was sold out. Almost like there’s been an increase in home working or something. What a chump.

Love the (intentional?) Partridge of that closing statement :grinning:


Oh theo.


Is being quite kind to a lot of it.

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Yeah, I was being general to cover everything from simply sub-desirable to frankly fucking insulting!

No commute, no direct interaction with colleagues. Sign me up forever

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I have watched like 3 episodes ever. Can’t do cringe comedy, sorry @roastthemonaspit

Bit harsh on roasty he’s not that bad


Although I’m hoping WFH becomes the norm, I am concerned about the increase in gas/electric bills. Less of an issue now, but having the heating on pretty much constantly for all of the bad winter months, is going to really suck for a lot of people.

Ideally, businesses should incorporate that into pay i.e. increase pay with bills in mind… but that seems unlikely to happen. In my job, things are looking to go the other way (redundancies, reduced pay, no new hirings, etc.).


They probably would to be fair, but I kind of went a bit silly and bought some fancy LG Thunderbolt one that’s better than the ones we have in the office.

An office chair I would definitely expense though. My dining chair really isn’t cutting it.

A guy on a call I was on earlier just described the situation as both working from home, and living from work. i think this is going to be the adjustment that’s going to suck most for people, because while the late-night email nightmare has been a thing for ages now, it’s going to get worse unless companies actively consider this as a paradigm shift. I mean, I’ve been freelance for forever, so it’s not a change for me, but I can see how it’s insufferable for a lot of people (it frequently is for me too, that’s why until lockdown I’d been working in the library a couple of days a week)

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WFH has sorted my tinnitus out quite a bit, today is the first time I’ve noticed it in ages.

This is massively exacerbated by a complete absence of anything to do though tbf.

Will (theoretically) be much easier to draw a line under your work day when (if) society is functioning again