More WFH

I got work to buy me a monitor in the early days of the pandemic and it was the best decision. Working off a laptop all day is just awful.

It’s a Philips one that is height adjustable and it was about £200 from memory

In terms of compatibility - most monitors offer hdmi, my work laptop didn’t have an hdmi port (lol good procurement guys) so I got a converter unit, which was about another £20, works fine.

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I work most of the week on a laptop from the living room sofa, since March 2020. Every few days I get to use the desktop I bought to play games on in the spare room when Mrs F goes into the office.

They’re both equally awful, but that’s probably down to the job.

Had an interview last week (didn’t get it, which was a relief) but they expected me to be in the office full time (a nice 2-hour drive there and back) because I had to work closely with a designer all the time… could literally do that online though, as the field I specialize in is social media, and I’m pretty sure the designer wouldn’t want me annoying the shit out of them all the time when all they have to do is send me what they created via email?

If a social media specialist and designer need to be in close physical proximity to work together … They may not be as good at their bread and butter as you’d need them to be?!

Due to start a role that was conceived as being remote and largely WFH (with the exception of a montly team meeting and delivering training that genuinely would work better in person) pre-COVID and genuinely cannot wait. Always a slight worry that a new role won’t be exactly as advertised but right now the idea of working for managers who seem to trust their staff feels a big deal.

Yeah kind of a red flag, tbh.